The History of Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Keith Rodman is a retired American professional basketball player. He is one of the controversial NBA basketball players in America. Born on May 13, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey, he played for San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and Detroit prisons. The Dennis Rodman Biography/History is popular to many Americans because he is one of the best NBA players. Dennis made a name for himself through his astonishing talent, tattoos, body piercing and dye colors on his hair.

Nicknamed "the worm" and "Dennis the Menace", he was recognized for his ferocious rebounding and defensive ability. Dennis earned honors for the NBA All-Defensive Team seven times and was an NBA Defensive player of the year two times. He was a leader of the National Basketball Association for seven successive years. Rodman is instantly identifiable because of his many controversial actions such as dyeing his hair, several piercing, having an affair with singers Carmen Electra and Madonna that led him to court. Dennis Rodman's early prominence with teams like Detroit Pistons led him to fame with both the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls. As his wild behavior and frantic moves started drawing attention to the outside world, he started a career with the World Championship Wrestling.

He played at power forward, which is a physical position in the game for many years. He was considered the top defender in his time along with Scottie Pippen, Gray Payton and Michael Jordan. In 1986, the Detroit Pistons noticed him and drafted him in the second round. In 1989, Rodman was recognized and named the Defensive Player of the year due to his good skill in basketball. He helped the Pistons defeat the young Chicago Bulls for the second time making them NBA champions. In 1990, the Pistons defeated the Bulls winning the second straight championship. Rodman also won the Defensive Player of the year honors.

In 1991, the Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals swept the Pistons. The Pistons rebound Dennis Rodman and got on the lead. However, Rodman raised his level of playing and in 1992; he was extraordinary, with an average of over 18 rebounds, as he became a winner of the first of seven direct rebounding titles. In 1993, Rodman had a second rebound, which was also the last with the Pistons. He joined the San Antonio Spurs during the off-season. In San Antonio, Rodman continued with his expertise and made many more great scores. The following season, he spearheaded 62 wins for San Antonio making it to the western conference finals. However, his publicized relationship with Madonna was too much for the Spurs to bear. In the offseason, he joined the Bulls. With Rodman aboard, the Bulls improved on 25 games. The team also had Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan and the three formed an all-defensive first team.

After the season with the Bulls, he left Chicago and started rebuilding himself. Being the best NBA rebounder, without doubt he made a name for himself. According to Dennis Rodman Biography/History, he could not have lasted as long just because of a criminal record and tattoos. Although he does not view himself as a basketball icon or a role model, he gains from the benefits of the basketball experience.

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