Cheap Airline Trip Tickets - Find Out How To Get Them Here

by Ray La Foy - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 474 Share This!

With gasoline prices ever on the rise, long distance trips by plane are looking better and better. Finding the best deals on cheap airline tickets requires a little Internet savvy and a willingness to shop around. The more people look around for flights and the more concessions they're willing to make, the more likely it is cheap airline trip tickets can be had.

To get the best prices on airline tickets anywhere in the world, it pays to shop online and do the following things:

  • Start looking for tickets well in advance, if possible. The best savings online or even through agents or directly from the airlines themselves will be realized the further ahead the trip is booked. A good rule of thumb is at least six weeks, but even a two-week lead will help you realize some savings on airline trip tickets. Remember though, even if you find great deals well in advance, if you don't book the trip, the cost savings won't be realized.
  • Shop multiple locations. Some sites will offer better deals than others. Check out at least three locations before putting your money down. It doesn't hurt to consider a combination of locations, either. Check the big online airline ticket sites, travel agents and even the airlines directly.
  • Be willing to go on standby. This might make trip planning a little difficult, but the cost savings can be incredible for those willing to go this route. Airline tickets for those who are willing to go on standby can be a considerable amount cheaper. You might not travel exactly when you thought you would, but if you're flexible on time, this option for tickets can be very beneficial.
  • Take off hour flights. People who are willing to travel during off hours can often see some serious savings. Red eye flights, extended stays and so on can really help cut the cost on airline trip tickets. This isn't the most fun way to travel, but it can pay off with reasonable prices.
  • Be willing to allow the purchasing site to set your flight times. Very often if a booking site can put you on a flight where the time is available, the cost will be less than a prime time booking for airline trip tickets.
  • Check with the smaller name carriers. Start up airlines can offer real savings on tickets. The frills might not go along with the buy, but the cost savings could be worth it. Another option is to downgrade flight area. Coach rather than first class, for example.

Finding cheap airline trip tickets isn't the easiest prospect, but it can be done. Be smart by shopping well in advance of your flight, if possible, and take the time to look at multiple locations for the best deals. Traveling at off hours or on off days can also help cut the cost of obtaining airline trip tickets.

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