Identifying a Targeted Niche

by David R Brown - Date: 2007-03-29 - Word Count: 378 Share This!

In my previous article I talked about how you can use a list of people's interests to assess potential marketing opportunities. In this article I'll talk about how you can drill down deeper by identifying a targeted niche.

Drilling Down to Identify a Targeted Niche

Start to think about a couple of things when you are drilling down to find a niche of people:-

Do they have money to spend? They don't have to be loaded but must be willing and able to spend hard earned money. Are they likely to be really desperate or fanatical about their interest. A first time mother for example will do just about anything to ensure her baby gets the best of everything.

Here are some great places to start looking further into your niches:- you can find all sorts of groups here who are so passionate about their interests that they arrange to meet up, get together and swap stories, concerns, passions, etc. If there are popular selling magazines on a topic you can bet they are stuffed with adverts for things to buy for their readers. look for the best selling non-fiction books. You are not looking to sell the books themselves but what books are hot right now. What's the subject?

Check for forums

A good test to verify whether your niche is a hungry one or not, is to check to see how many forums exist for it and how active they are.

So, in Google search on 'your niche + forum'

Check the Article Directories

Go to and and check for articles for your niches. Are there many? What are they about?

Google Trends

Google Trends contains a wealth of information stored by Google on what people are searching on. You can see in graphical form search trends over time but it doesn't give the actual numbers. The data is by default historic and should be treated with a pinch of salt. However it is useful for comparing niches. On the main search screen you can type in one or more topics (e.g. golf, pregnancy) and see how the two compare in terms of searches.

If you follow this process, by identifying a targeted niche of people, as well as assessing their hunger for their interests you will be in a far better position to exploit marketing opportunities.

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