Selecting A Golf Umbrella

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If you're a golfer and play on a regular basis it is inevitable that you are going to get caught out in the rain. The way to be prepared for this inevitability is by having a golf umbrella handy and ready to press into service. In fact many seasoned golfers consider a golf umbrella to be essential equipment. Their reasoning being that golfing when soaking wet from the rain is no fun at all.

For this reason here is a short list of things to consider when selecting which golf umbrella you will add to your golfing tool box:

Wind Resistance
You definitely want to make sure that the umbrella you choose can resist the strong winds you are likely to encounter out on the course. To be sure, see that it has what is known as a double canopy or some other form of open air slots. This design is desired because it prevents the flow of air from reversing. Which is what causes the annoying phenomenon in which the wind turns your umbrella inside out.

Color and Imprinted Patterns
You should of course find and choose the umbrella that is in keeping with your own style and tastes but this should be as colorful and eye catching as you are comfortable with. You may look for an imprinted golf umbrella with a favorite logo or your favorite sports team. The reason for choosing an umbrella that it is brightly colored and easily noticed is that it ensures that it and you are visible to other golfers during dark overcast weather conditions.

Shaft Flexibility
The material that the umbrellas shaft is made from is very important. It is key to find one that allows a little flexibility or movement during windy weather. If possible the umbrella you purchase should have a fiberglass shaft. This is the safer alternative in case there is lightening in the area when you're forced to put your umbrella in to service.

Size Matters
You should obtain the largest umbrella you can find and comfortably handle out on the golf course. This is for obvious reasons. The larger your umbrella the more area you have to shield yourself from the weather. This is particularly important for those which carry their own bag while out on the course. You'll want to also use your umbrella to shield your equipment from the weather keeping it dry as much as possible.


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