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by Andrew Stratton - Date: 2007-05-01 - Word Count: 352 Share This!

Home automation has proved to be a boon to our busy lives. The hi tech world where every work gets accomplished super fast and smoothly is now no more a figment of imagination but it has become a reality.

Imagine the entire home and all its appliances under complete control right from the TV screen to the blinds of the window, sprinklers in the lawn, the audio system, your PC, your TV remote control, etc. The complete range of home security, home automation and home entertainment systems can now be bunched together and used with complete ease and peace of mind.

So it will soon turn out that the users TV is his dashboard for controlling everything in the house right from audio, video, movies, television, to security, lightings, sprinklers, room temperature, etc. The users will be able to manage every aspect of their house with the help of a remote control. An electronic remote control will help them open the garage at the press of a button, shut it down, decrease or increase the room temperature, pull the blinds of the window, turn on the sprinklers in the lawn, adjust the lights in each room of the house and many more.

The home security is also entirely automated with hidden surveillance placed at strategic locations of the house, which will monitor every nook and corner of the house all round the clock. Hence now the user will be at complete ease because each of his loved ones may it be children, pets, elderly relatives or valuables, everyone and everything is protected and safe.

It will now be possible to pause Live TV, to record shows and movies, plan a complete home theatre experience. The users can manage their entire music collection, watch all their DVDs, and maintain their entire movie collection in an organized way. Completely automated homes such as these where the houses security, automation and entertainment needs are covered in the best possible way will be known as intelligent homes. They will take care of the complete needs of the house occupants and that too with complete efficiency.

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