Depression and Craziness

by Christina Sponias - Date: 2007-04-23 - Word Count: 834 Share This!

Many people have the impression that all we need to be happy are the proper conditions for a decent life - most of which can be bought with money. However, the truth is quite the opposite, because depression doesn't appear only in response to tragic events or horrible life conditions. This means that even if we lived in a perfect paradise, we still would have many depressed individuals in our society, although nothing really tragic had happened to them.

It happens because the human being is already crazy from birth. Only a very tiny part of his conscience is at all developed, with human characteristics. The rest is in a wild and archaic state. So, we shouldn't only blame the world for our depressed society. The world the human being makes provokes his depression, because the human being is naturally absurd. This world is the result of his insanity: he only cares for his own desires, he doesn't respect nature and he doesn't care about some factors that have an extreme impact on his own happiness.

However, terrible things happening far away from his own home still affect his life because they are happening in his environment, and are a threat against him too. Because he is absurd, though, he thinks he can live in a separate paradise, with everything to make him happy. Even in a place where so many people are suffering because they don't have the proper conditions of life, they are amidst wars, they are being abused, they are starving... If he was balanced and sensitive he would care about other people's suffering as he cares about what happens to his own kids.

He would also understand that he can't always be laughing. Nothing is easy, and many times he has to suffer so that he may save somebody, solve some problem, or avoid provocatory problems… There are many things in daily life that demand from him the acceptance of sadness and suffering. However, the human being not only has a wrong conception of reality that causes him depression, and he is not only a victim of the absurd world he constructed - he also has innate psychological problems that impede his reaching psychical health and living happily. The mistakes he makes by following the inherited behaviour patterns of his psychological type push him around craziness's labyrinth.

There are two positions from which the human being sees reality: the introverted and extroverted types, which are polar opposites. A person can only be considered completely balanced and psychically healthy once they've developed both positions and attitudes. If he has a penchant for one or the other, he is already unbalanced.

He has four psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuitions) through which he understands his world and his own personal desires. However, only one of them is well developed, one is only half developed and the other two functions are not working, as if they were dead. They are in an archaic, childish condition.

What happens because of this? He makes mistakes because he is either extroverted and doesn't pay attention to his own opinion about reality and how it affects him; or he is introverted, disconnected with objective reality and the material world.

Then he makes more mistakes because he lives based only in his thoughts, without feelings and sensations, and only a bit of intuition to help with decisions. Or, his life is based on his feelings and constant desire for pleasure, without having any serious and objective thoughts in his mind and without understanding the existence of factors that cannot be justified by logic.

So, he is pre-condemned to feel depressed some day. Someday he'll have to face the consequences of the mistakes he made because he didn't examine reality and his own psychical structure completely. He only saw a part of reality, according to what his personality type let him examine. Or, he didn't understand what was happening inside himself and he didn't care to learn about it, because his psychological type despises the subjective judgment of reality. Despite their disuse, the functions he didn't develop are not really dead. They are alive, only submerged. Some day, according to what will happen with him, they will come to the consciousness's surface, changing his behaviour drastically. When the archaic and childish content of his psychical sphere invades his consciousness, he starts losing control of his behaviour and doing strange and crazy things.

In the end, he can only feel desperate and depressed seeing how many mistakes he made, and especially, how all these mistakes ruined his life. If these mistakes are too serious and he can't correct them, he cannot forgive himself. This leads to more severe mental illness and deeper depression, far beyond neurosis, that cannot be ever cured.

The solution for our depressed society and each depressed individual has to be psychotherapy, without a doubt! When everybody is sensitive and sensible, we won't be as absurd as we are now... the world will change, for sure. Eventually, through learning, working and understanding, everybody will find their own happiness.

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During my studies, I came across Carl Jung's method of deciphering dreams, which helped me and urged me to continue his research into the unknown regions of our psychical sphere. I set my poetry aside and began to compile my findings. I sought to prove that Jung had discovered the proper method of interpretation of dreams. This exercise actually taught me many things, and I continued to pursue Jung's research into the analysis of dreams. Learn more at

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