Make Your GPS Kids Tracking Watch About Adventure

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Kids love adventure. This is doubly true of boys. They love to turn all sorts of thing into some type of quest or battle. Sticks quickly turn into guns, boxes into forts, and imaginary men into enemies to be vanquished. At the heart of every boy is the spirit of an adventurer.

This can often be misunderstood in boys to be 'misbehavior' or 'disobedience,' but that is not really what it is. Instead the boy is just trying to live out what he is - a brilliant and daring man, longing to do something great with his life. Knowing this, you can help your child grow in this as well as keep get them to wear their GPS tracking watch. The thing is to appeal to their spirit of adventure to do it.

The absolute best way to introduce your child to their GPS tracking device is to make a connection to it and the spirit of adventure that already rests within them. There are many ways that you can do this, depending on which adventurer your child is particularly fond of.

Do they like archaeologists like Indian Jones? How about the Dora the Explorer? Are they into Bob the Builder? Thomas the Train? Any of the these childhood heroes could definitely benefit from the use of a GPS device. All you need to do is suggest to the children that these individuals already use them.

This should not be very hard since many of these types of people already use GPS in real life. Archaeologists really do use GPS to record the locations of their finds. Sometimes they even use two units at the same time to get an even more exact reading on the location of the item.

Explorers, the police, constructions engineers, and trains all use GPS in one way or another in real life. By making the connection between your child's favorite hero you are already building an in with your child. Combine that with the foothold of trust you already in your child's life and helping them to wear their safety device and to treat it with respect and awe is completely within your grasp.

The next phase is to go on an adventure with your child using their device. This will help give them some experience with their GPS kids device and help you guide the conditions under which they have this experience.

For this adventure be sure to bring a real time GPS tracker of your own or a internet enable phone so you can check your status with your child in real time. Consider going to your favorite park where you go on some imaginary adventure with your child. Be sure to pull out your GPS unit at key moments in the adventure to help reinforce the idea that being an adventurer can be related to the device that you want them to have for their safety.

By doing this you will help ensure that they will have a healthy respect for their device and keep it safe. After all, if Indiana Jones needs his GPS it will help give your child incentive to keep his by his side. And that is exactly what you want as a parent - your child safe.

It is also important to realize that a GPS tracking watch is only an effective safety tool if it is used in additional to more traditional safety information. Be sure to share with your kids the basic principles of childhood safety. This will go a long way in ensuring that you kid can handle themselves safely in a multitude of circumstance.

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