Business Management in Troubled Times

by Remy Na - Date: 2008-07-27 - Word Count: 441 Share This!

Personal finance management tips are cropping up all over the Internet as a result of the recent economic fears across the globe. But the worst effects are often noted in our own backyards where foreclosures have left whole neighbourhoods almost empty and where predator loan sharks pop up in unprecedented numbers. Unemployment is rising and the cost of fuel... well, it's just another one to be added to the list. But at the same time one has to take business management into account. After all, a business is just as susceptible to the recent economic status as an individual and in some cases even more so. For those who own businesses, this is a time to start thinking about those things needed to keep their businesses alive in order to survive.


As an incentive to your success, the following list should help you cover the most basic of preventative measures to ensure that you don't get caught in some of the more common traps.

Have A Back-Up Plan

The title says it all and is something especially applicable to those who'll fall harder should the worst happen. Back-up plans can include anything from a financial cushion or buffer to the addition of a smaller sideline business which will be able to run itself. Guidance from someone who you know won't have a vested interest in your back-up plan can be your most important asset in this scenario.

Save, Don't Spend

A lot of businesses fork out a lot of cash on renovations and redecoration when times are tough which in many cases turn out to be a big mistake. Think about it this way: for every dollar you don't spend, you won't have to make a dollar. Channel unused funds into an area of your business where you know it will produce financial positive results.


Never underestimate the power of training, especially those people who train other people and are responsible for them. Nothing will make customers happier than a well trained and helpful member of staff as they seem to be lacking nowadays. Being successful with your training will ensure that existing customers keep coming back and that new customers follow them.

Accept Change

Yes you may already be accepting small change, but the change we are talking about are those that move with the times. Stay abreast of the competition by keeping your eyes on industry and market changes.


These are but a couple of those tips available to those individuals in business management to cope with the current times of economic uncertainty. It is also advised to contact your local bank or financial institution directly for help and advice should you suspect troubled times are lying ahead.

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