Tips on Combating Nervousness During a Job Interview

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The key to combating nervousness is to be prepared. Withadequate preparation, you will be confident. As we all know, confidence leaveslittle room for nervous jitters. The following tips will help you out.

Preparation Before The Interview

Before you go to any interview, be sure to learn all you canabout the company you are interviewing with. Study about their products, theirservices and the history of the company. Think about how you will fit in withthe company. Think about the position you are applying for from the company'sperspective. What questions do you think they will ask?

Mock interviews are a great way to get prepared. Have afriend or family member ask you interview questions and critique yourresponses. Go over your resume. Is it accurate? Is it honest? Make sure that itemphasizes your skills, experiences and qualifications.

Get organized. Gather all of your materials the night beforeand pack them neatly in a professional carrying case. Figure out what you'regoing to wear and lay it out. Be sure to go to bed early and get enough sleepso that you will not feel groggy during your interview.

Make It a Positive Experience

Think only positive thoughts before your interview and asyou enter the building. Don't worry about not getting the job. You should viewan interview as a learning experience. After all, it is very common to attendnumerous job interviews before landing a job. Don't be too hard on yourself.

If your interview is less than favorable, shake it off andvow to do better next time. Don't allow yourself to get depressed over thingsyou can't change. Stay alert and pay attention to the interview and theconversation at hand. Be Truthful. Never try to fake or chat your way throughdifficult questions and topics.

Combating nervousness is easy if you prepare in advance.Stay calm and determined and you will land the job of your dreams.

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