Selling On The Internet Without The Worries Of Paying Commissions And Fees

by Imran Sabaroedin - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 266 Share This!

The site Quick Trade forum is taking online trading usage another step forward. It was created to be an online market place where people can post 'threads' for items they wish to sell. Doesn't sound new but in essence it brings many categories all into the one forum which many other forums out there only cater to one specific area, e.g. Car forums would generally post things for sale that has to do with cars. Therefore it decreases the effort for the item sellers to search the web for that 'right' forum where many of the general web users would congregate.

Being that of a forum, The Quick Trade Forum also provides the general functionality like most other forums usually provide, which are; a place to discuss to one another about many things whether it be items for sale or items in general or even provide polling services where members can vote on items and provide feedback on items in general so that future buyers or sellers can be weary of when dealing with such items. Hence giving the Quick Trade Forum a more involving vibe.

Basically as it stands, Quick Trade Forum is only open to Australians, as this is a pilot attempt to see how well this fares before we open sites in the UK and eventually the US. Given that if this site proves popular, it may well open up the eyes of those big money hungry corporations that people don't want to be charged for something when it results into a no seller.

So come and make use of the free online marketplace at

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