How to Develop Positive Self-Image

by Riggie Freyer - Date: 2007-01-31 - Word Count: 721 Share This!

If you want to create the results in life you really want for yourself and your family, it's important for you to develop a positive self-image... And if you feel your already have a strong self-image, go ahead and create a formidable one.

Remember, your self-image is like a mental blueprint. It's simply a picture of what you think you are, not who you really are.

Everything you do and all your feelings are consistent with your self-image. Which means you literally act the role of who you think you are.

The reason working on your self-image is so important is that no amount of willpower, determination or commitment will help you change your behavior in the long term. Only in the short term. Sooner or later your self-image will return to its "old self" if you attempted to make lasting changes in your life - by using your willpower, for example. You must therefore change your self-image in order to change your results.

Your self-image comes from the environment your were in, and your early experiences in your childhood. Many of these experiences have caused us to see ourselves as stupid, fat, confident, lazy, and so on. Today, these past experiences are totally irrelevant to us, but we don't question their validity and regard them as being the truth.

I don't know about you, but it doesn't make sense to me to have a low self-image simply because we're keeping thoughts and attitudes which were formed years ago. It makes sense to make a conscious decision today to change the way you think and picture yourself, or you'll continue to experience a low self-image.

How you can Develop a Positive Self-Image in a few Quick, Easy Steps

1. Accept yourself. Look in the mirror and learn to love yourself. Only once your love yourself can you love others. If you have physical features about yourself you don't like, learn to accept and like them. If you're overweight though, you can change that!). It's much like.... only when you have money in the bank, you can give some of your money to other people.

2. It's a fact that you are spiritually whole and perfect, and in perfect harmony with the universe. So learn to separate who you are from... what you have and what you do. What you have and what you do are temporary, and you don't want to identify yourself with what happened in the temporary stage of your life. For example, if you failed in your business this month, you're not a failure forever, so don't attach you self-image to what you've done. Simply watch all your mistakes and faults during this time without any judgment. Identify yourself with your higher-self which is changeless, perfect and complete. Won't it be easier now to dust yourself off and believe you can make big things happen, when you know you're in essence a perfect spiritual being?

3. Meditate for 10 minutes a day. See yourself vividly as a happy, lovable, confident and unstoppable person. Make your own one minute movie where you see yourself being effective and successful in all areas of your life. Vividly play a ten second clip of yourself being in a wonderful relationship, for example, and another clip of yourself achieving the goals you set in your job or business, and so on. Create any movie which makes you look and feel great. Keep practicing it daily, and concentrate on loving yourself - creating an unstoppable confident self-image.

4. Only invest time with friends who compliment you and support. Be aware of people who criticize your and pull you down. Do all you can to avoid them.

Remember, you're in control of your life. And your inner world does create your outer world. The more you concentrate on feeling good inside and building your own self-image, the easier it will be for you to love other people and succeed massively in your life.

Have fun... and it doesn't matter how you develop your positive self-image, what matters is that you're aware of your own image and that you invest a few minutes each day on improving it!

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