Car Logbook Loans: a Paper Can Fetch You Decent Loans

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The car logbook loans are loans that are attained against the car logbook of the borrower. The logbook is a manuscript that includes the car details, the registration point, car's VIN number, the details about the owner and the frame number. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency offers the logbook document to the car owner. These are secured type of loans where the borrowers can keep the security with themselves. Therefore, there is no risk associated with the car logbook loans.


The loan amount depends upon the model of the car and repayment ability of the applicant. A borrower can easily attain a loan amount up to £50000 with a car logbook loan. The interest values for these loans are very less as the loans is highly secured with the car logbook. The logbook is taken as collateral by the lender and returns the logbook to the owner when he completely repays the loan amount.


The lender can sell the vehicle for loan recovery if there is any default in the repayment of the loan. The surrendered car should also be maintained in good condition by the borrowers. To attain this loan, the vehicle must be below eight years old. Another point is that the logbook should be in the name of the applicant who is earning a regular income. The final point states that the vehicle should be free from any other financial claims.


Car logbook loans are free from credit check and therefore a person with bad credit status can also avail the advantages of the logbook loan. Before aiming to get the loan, a person must to do proper work out on different logbook loan lenders and compare the interest and quotes from online websites. This will definitely help you to attain the best loans.

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