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A SIM card is a major thing in a mobile phone. If it is lacking, you cannot communicate with others with your handset. In UK, many of the handsets come locked with SIM cards. You get these handsets under some deals or plans. But, SIM free handsets are also available, which facilitate the users to insert their own SIM cards and choose their own network providers and plans. The cards which you can insert in SIM free devices come under SIM only deals. You can get contract deals as well as pay as you go plans under the SIM only contracts. You can avail the deals and plans of several network providers. Orange, O2 and T-mobile are three leading network providers of UK, which provide the plans and deals that come under SIM only contracts. These providers cover most of the part of UK and can get the hassle-free connectivity. In many of the above said deals, you can get the offers of free connections. Apart, free data up to a few gigabytes is also available under some of the contracts. You can get some of your money back if you get instant cashback offers under some contract. Moreover, you can get free minutes of talk time and free text messages also in most of the deals. These SIM only deals can be got from a number of websites. You can either visit the websites of network providers or can use the affiliate websites which are popularly known as comparison portals. If you have already decided which plan you have to take, then you can directly go to the websites of network providers. If you have not yet decided anything then you can visit comparison portals, which provide you the facility to compare different deals. With the help of comparison feature, you can take the wiser decision about selection of deals. The trend of SIM only deals is getting increased in UK, due to freedom of choosing any handset with any network provider. Moreover, users are also able to save a lot of money as they have to change SIM card only if they wish to change the network services.

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