Optimize Your Google Base Data Feeds for Success

by Daryl H. Bryant - Date: 2007-04-04 - Word Count: 738 Share This!

For all you Google Base fanatics out there, I have one very important question for you? Are you optimizing your Google Base data feeds for success? If not, I would like to explain a few basic things for why and how you should optimize your feeds before submitting them to Google Base.

The following items will explain some important things to consider prior to submitting your data feeds. If you apply these, you will be sure to bring more success from your Google Base data feed submissions.

What is Google Base?

Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content. The items you submit can include labels and attributes that help describe what you’re uploading so people can easily locate your items.

Attributes are words or phrases that help describe the characteristics and qualities of your items. For any given attribute you may enter multiple values separated by commas. Labels are any keywords or phrases – such as recipe, event, or product – that can be used to classify or describe your item.

Google Base Data Becomes other Google Data

The items you submit to Google Base will be included in the Base directory and depending on your items relevance, can automatically be posted in such places like the Google search engine, Froogle, Google Maps and more. This is an important thing to understand because the quality of the data you submit will not only affect your results in Google Base, but in these other areas of Google as well.

For example, if you submit a real estate property listing to Google Base, the property listing information will eventually be added into the Google search index.

Utilize Google Base Custom Attributes to Optimize your Feeds

The Google Base data feed allows you to specify your own custom attributes. Custom attributes allow you to include additional information about your items. You can include an unlimited number of custom attributes in your tab-delimited bulk upload file.

Why is this important? Well like I said before, depending on your items relevance they will automatically be included in such places like the Google search engine, Froogle, Google Maps and more.

By defining custom attributes for your items, you will be in fact optimizing your feeds for success because you will be providing more detailed information about your data. By providing more detailed information to Google, they will have more information about your items and when someone searches in Google Base, Google or Froogle, your items will have a greater opportunity of being discovered.

More relative content will equal more quality traffic…it’s that simple.

Also, considering many people who upload their data feeds to Google Base do not use the custom attributes feature, you will gain a significant competitive advantage over your competition because your feeds will be more optimized for success than the rest of your competition.

Automate your Google Base Data Feeds

Another way to gain a substantial competitive advantage over your competition is to completely automate your Google Base data feeds. By automating your feeds, you will be sure that the information uploaded to Google Base is 100% up-to-date and completely accurate.

The best way to automate your Google Base data feed is to connect it directly with your database and have a process pull the most recent data once a day and submit a new bulk upload to Google Base on a frequent basis. Many companies claim to automate your data feeds but the only company I’ve found that completely automates the process is Hudson Horizons. They will setup a process to connect to your database on a daily basis, compile the most recent data, create your new bulk upload, and submit the data feed to Google Base three times a week.

The process takes about 1 day to setup but after that it’s 100% seamless and automated. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your sales come in. There is a small $15 per month fee for them to automate your Google Base data feed submissions.

I hope you will find the above information to be beneficial to the success of your business. Google Base is a great resource to help distribute and share information with others that you would not otherwise know how to reach. With Google Base, your information is almost instantly added and viewable by people searching for your items. Remember to follow the above information and you will be sure to increase the success of your Google Base data feeds.

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