Why I Use Gotomeeting For my Online Meetings

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Using tools such as GoToMeeting you can cut down on travel costs (as well as travel times), CO2 emissions and wow clients with your technological know how. The aim of the game is to build the easiest to use online meeting tool. This is done by providing innovative methods of interaction; currently iPhone and iPad apps are all the rage.

Everyday there is something new that is brought into the market. There are new and different technologies that are launched on a regular basis. There are brand new things which come into the market today; yet tomorrow they may be old and framed as ancient! One such technology which is a massive fad these days is online meetings. The current leader of the pack is called GoToMeeting.

One major and important change that the internet brought, was the way of doing business. There are so many ways one can do business on the internet. And there are so many ways that people can communicate with each other, which makes business a lot easier!

One of the major communication tools that has spread like wildfire, and is in use today by almost every other person, is the webinar! It is famous because of the low cost it is offered at, and the convenience that it gives its users. One of the most famous and popular webinar companies is gotomeeting.

Gotomeeting was first launched in the year 2004, and it offers a wonderful web based meeting platform where a person who is presenting something can share his or her computer screen with the other members in the meeting. This made it easier for people who could not make it in person for the presentation, to still be able to catch up on the action, via gotomeeting.

Other than the ability to share screens, gotomeeting has a lot of other actions that it can perform. It can dial a number and have meeting attendees listening in on conference calls. If you do not have a phone, you need not worry; you can still be a part of the conference call, by listening in with the help of your computer speakers and the microphone.

The best part of gotomeeting is the fact that though it has so much to offer, the price of the device is not as expensive, as one would expect it to be. The price for gotomeeting starts at around $49.95 each month, and goes up to higher plans. This includes the ability to have up to 15 people in your meeting, and the meeting time is unlimited! Doesn't gotomeeting sound like the most perfect device for your company too?

There are a variety of plans that are available. So you can just log on the gotomeeting website, and see what plan suits your company the best, and register for it. gotomeeting is a lot less expensive than the other service providers; yet it offers a lot more than other service providers offer. So go on ahead, and get your gotomeeting service activated today!

If you want to try GoToMeeting for yourself there is a free gotomeeting trial available, and a coupon for $10 off gotomeeting if you do decide to buy.n
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