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by PADOS SEGO - Date: 2008-12-19 - Word Count: 382 Share This!

Do "Nothing" then Earn Your Cash ? First time I found this unique program, I think this is same with many other programs like PTC or Autosurf sites. But after I read the service carefully, I'm WRONG. Gomez is really different!!!. In simplest way, Gomez is combo of a REVERSED AUTOSURF and REVERSED PTC. Why? In AUTOSURF you have to INVEST our dollar, and in PTC we have to invest our time. The different is : Join with GOMEZ totally FREE and all you have to do is download Gomez software, then the software will be auto-started each time you computer ON, this mean in GOMEZ you have to DO NOTHING after install the software. GOMEZ give us opportunity to DO ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES to be done in our computer while the software run itself. To activate your Gomez account, we have to wait for about 14 working days before approved/activated. Approval will be send via email. So we must have a little patience before we can enjoy this program.

IMPORTANT, ABOUT SECURITY : Gomez operate since 2001 (previously named Pirvo), and paid thousands PEERs worldwide. Many persons confused and worried that their personal data will be stolen by this software. Well, so far (since 2001) no complaint about stolen data for this program or software. Gomez software used by Gomez to send a small quick signal to your computer and your computer send it back, the amount of time it takes is calculated then the value is used to collect Internet speed data for various locations. If you have ever checked the speed of your internet connection online, then you were probably getting your time results from someones Gomez Peer. It works anytime your computer is ON and CONNECTED to Internet. This software does NOT affect your PC performance - with the exception of a few older PC's which have a problem running Java. In this case, you can adjust/setting Gomez performance level to compensate for any problems you may encounter. Also you may check after downloaded this software with some free anti-spyware and also run some antiviruses. Coz I find nothing damage, So I have no hesitate to join this program, and hope this article help and be useful information for anyone. Go to Earn Easy Money Only With Turn Your Computer On

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