Knowing your computer peripherals

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Once you have a laptop or desktop you can invest in many additional components to make your live a lot easier. These are known as computer peripherals, as technology moves on they are becoming bigger and better in making day to day tasks easier for you. If you have a desktop computer then there are some essential peripherals that you need in order to be able to use it. Firstly you need a mouse and keyboard in order to perform any tasks such as typing or changing the configuration of your pc.

That is one of the benefits of buying a laptop, although many people buy externals mice to make it easier to navigate around the system, they are not essential so if your are on a budget, you can simply buy the base unit and that will be sufficient for you to do anything you want.

One of the most popular peripherals people go for is a printer, this will allow you to print any work you have so you have a hard copy of any document you require. It also enables you to write letters on the computer, save them and make any adjustments before you come to the final version. Once you are happy with it you can print it off and send it in, this makes job applications and CV's seem more professional.

Another useful peripheral for designers or artists is a graphics tablet, this will allow you to draw on a tablet which will interpret it onto the computer screen. Its gives you the ability to draw with more precision if you don't have the necessary skills on photo software such as Adobe Photoshop.

If you are into photo editing there is another peripheral that will be able to assist you in getting the perfect picture, you can use a scanner to copy hard copies and edit them on your pc. This is good if you have images in a magazine, booklet or leaflet that you would want to incorporate into a website or make changes to.

You will need speakers if you want to have sound on your desktop computer, laptop have speakers in built which will save you buying them. You could always buy some headphones if you don't want everyone to be able to hear your music, game sounds or videos. Headphones will give you many benefits, especially if you play games.

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