How To Get Your Ex Back, No Matter What

by Don Pepinno - Date: 2007-04-27 - Word Count: 601 Share This!

If you have experienced the anguish of a breakup in your relationship, you know the feeling of emptiness and perhaps even utter despair.

If your feelings have not abated for your love or spouse you may find yourself spending endless hours trying to find a way to get your ex back.

Friends will be perhaps the first source of advice for you. They will give their views and advice on how they would go about getting your ex back. Countless hours will be spent over lunch, drinks, coffee and on the phone, figuring out what your ex is up to and how to get her or him back.

Because you probably have more than one friend, you will most likely get more than one theory or plan on how to get your ex back.

Your mother may even chime in or perhaps your pool man, mailman. hairdresser, mechanic, neighbor, dry cleaner, and dog groomer, will all pitch in their 2 cents.

After a few weeks you will now have perhaps a dozen different "ways" to get your ex back.

The problem with the vast collection you have assembled is that they are ALL WRONG! Well meaning, perhaps, but inexperience can mean disaster for you and finish once and for all any effort to get your ex back.

This is sad, because it really is possible to get your ex back, if you understand what is going on and approach your ex with appropriate attitudes, language, and actions.

Every friend, family member and associate who is doling out information on how to get your ex back is doing so based on what they tried, what they saw in a movie, read in a magazine, watched on a daytime TV show or derived from some other venue.

Which one of these inexperienced advice pals are you going to stake such an important decision on, that of how to get your ex back?

Just don't do it.

To get your ex back you need a step by step approach that is based on real life experience and is proven to work.

Your ex may have a new love, may be remarried, playing the field, playing no field at all, living down the street, or moved to Alaska and you live in Florida.

Every type of relationship demands different methodologies for successfully winning the heart of your ex back permanently.

Only an expert can provide advice tailored to your specific situation.

There are however a few rules that should be followed if you truly want to get your ex back

1) Don't Beg- The more you beg your ex to come back, the less likely it is to ever occur. People are funny. They tend to want what they don't or can't have more than what they have without challenge.

2) Don't Give Ultimatums- Comments such as " leave me and I'll date your sister, jump off the roof, run away and join the Navy", all make you look silly. They don't make you desirable, just a fool. Use ultimatums and your ex may help you pack….and off to the Navy you'll go !

3) Become Active in Something- By taking the focus off your ex and seeing the world in a different perspective you will demonstrate your independence, desirability, charm and those things that made you desirable to your ex in the first place. Get active in your community, join a club, go to church, join friends on a camping trip or start hiking with your dog.

She or he, will soon hear that you are doing just fine and will soon wonder why they broke up with you….and maybe even get a little jealous. Do this and retake charge of your relationship, whatever stage your at.

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