Hong Kong Hotels: for Relish and Excitement

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Hong Kong is world famous for its rich cuisine and high reached sky scrapers. Hong Kong since being province of British rule till 1997 is now under one country and two systems rule. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan place with dynamic personalities. The grapevine of this place is its vital colorful and extravagant look and feel. If you want to experience this place then forget about visiting air-conditioned malls real Hong Kong is live in streets pulsating throbbing with jubilance and its very Chinese culture like markets of Mong Kok. Due to combination of its Chinese connections and British influence it is more of like a cosmopolitan place. Hong Kong is a major tourist attraction in this part of Asia and Hong Kong hotels provide all the hospitality with diligence and sincerity.
Hong Kong is the tourism paradise some of the major attractions are:

Attractions in Hong Kong
Exciting speed, efficient transport facility, to the dot efficiency is all about Hong Kong is famous for. The place's landscape skyscrapers are world famous for .You can see the vibrant majestic skyline from Kowloon.
The government of Hong Kong rather its tourism department organizes Hong Kong free walking tours they can be architecture walk, and nature kaleidoscope walk.
You can see the dazzling view of Hong Kong Island especially its skyscrapers right from the Victoria peak. Inside the buildings there are museums, shops, restaurants and viewing points. There is a tram at the peak tower, for transportation which runs from central to the bottom of the peak tower.
If you are interested in gambling on horse racing then Hong Kong is the right destination for you. September to June is the peak season for the race for betting purpose you are advised to take help from local Chinese gambler. The location for racing alternates between Shatin and Happy valley. Comparatively happy valley is more suitable place to be as it is more comfortable place to be in. For only some dollars you can experience the fun and entertainment. Happy valley is a very cool place to be in you can hear exciting commentary of the race that would give you an adrenaline push with a tang of beer.

The best way to experience the life of Hong Kong is to feel the life of an ordinary local resident. To get the actual feel of Hong Kong and the people living there you can visit the posh colonies nearly the private one and the houses where people of low capital income stay. You can witness the difference between rich and poor. For staying purpose Hong Kong is a tourist paradise, hotels in Hong Kong are pretty cheap and at reasonable priced range. Just have a good time visiting the places and don't worry about your safety Hong Kong is a peaceful place for tourists.

Traditional heritage
Hong Kong's main religion is Buddhism there is a temple of Buddha where there are 12,000 Buddha and you can usually see monkeys doing their antics. That is a fun site and makes your climb to the temple filled with fun and humor. If you are hungry before you climb have a meal in a finest restaurant situated near the start of the stairs. Even though at the top of the steps there are some delicious spring rolls to relish.
There are state of the art museums in Hong Kong which give detail history of bygone era. Hong Kong's fascinating history is fantastically captured in the artifacts of the museum. The museum is generally called Hong Kong's fascinating history. A much see sight for all the tourist who want the actual feel of Hong Kong.

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