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Most golfers think that chipping and pitching close to the green are what makes up the short game. The short game articles provided at Wireless Golf Coach cover all aspects of chipping and pitching the golf ball and in addition, we will consider any shot within 100 yards of the hole as part of the short game.

By definition, chipping is a shot that has maximum airtime and minimum ground time. In other words, a chip is on the ground longer than it is in the air. You will want to place more weight on your target side to ensure a downward angle of attack. You will also have your hands farther forward to de-loft the clubface and this will you to hit the ball higher on the clubface and more inline with the center of gravity.

By definition, a pitch shot is a shot that has maximum air time and minimum ground time. In other words, it is in the air longer than it is on the ground. For this shot your weight will be more even at address and the handle or grip of the club will be more in line with the all at address as well as impact. You will want o make contact closer to the second or third grove to put the all up in the air. This will allow the center of gravity to help you get the ball up into the air.

Currently, the some of the best known teachers of the short game are Dave Pelz, Stan Utley and Rob Akin. Once a year, the golf magazine Golf Digest publishes its own Top 100 Teachers List in the US.

Dave Pelz uses his background as a NASA scientist. Pelz came to his theories after collecting endless data on putting, chipping and pitching. Dave Pelz has determined that the proper motion for a golf club is to go straight back and straight through. Dave Pelz has written three notable books which include Putt Like The Pros, The Short Game Bible and The Putting Bible.

Stan Utley played the PGA Tour for years and developed his theory of swinging the golf club in an arc. Utley has taught players such as Peter Jacobson, Jay Haas, Craig Stadler and Roland Thatcher. Stan Utley has written two notable books, The Art of Putting and The Art of The Short Game.

In his book, The Red Zone Challenge, Rob Akin breaks down the short game into very simple drills. Depending on your skill level and time commitment, you choose the best plan for you that will lower your scores.

After reading this article, you should understand that the short game is any shot from within 100 yards of the hole. In addition, you should understand that a chip shot rolls on the ground longer than it flies in the air and a pitch shot is in the air longer than it is on the ground, you can chose the best shot to get your ball close to the hole.

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