Selling your Business--diy or Hire a Pro?

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When it comes to selling a business, sometimes the most difficult part is taking the first step. Just getting started can be a challenge because marketing your business for sale is not exactly the same as marketing your products. You would think that selling a business would be fairly simple, but as it turns out this is not the case. The following article takes a look at the various considerations of marketing your business for sale.

Sometimes, if things go really well, there may be several potential buyers just waiting for your business to become available. Having ready buyers on standby is probably one of the best situations you could hope for. A quick and smooth transaction is always best for business--there will be minimum disruption for customers and employees. Plus, there won't be time wasted with unqualified prospects.

Marketing your business for sale without having a negative effect on employee morale or production is easier when you limit early publicity. First of all, this helps to keep your competitors out of the information loop. There's really no good reason to provide competing companies with valuable information about the possible sale of your company.

A long time spent marketing your business for sale can also make your employees begin to wonder about the security of their own jobs. When your workers become demoralized about the future of the business and their livelihood, it could begin to affect customer service levels and productivity. If this goes on long enough, it could have the undesirable outcome of actually lowering the value of your business.

The key elements of marketing your business for sale are pricing and publicity. Proper pricing is based on a well-done valuation of your business. The components of a good business valuation are well beyond the scope of this article. However, as you might imagine, the trick is correctly assessing the true value of your business while ending up at a price that the market is willing to consider.

Contracting with a business broker can help take some of the stress out of marketing your business for sale. Most established brokers have acquired a great deal of experience by handling multiple business sale and purchase transactions. The best business brokers can usually provide you with a list of ready, qualified buyers who are in the market for a business similar to yours. Brokers also are aware of methods and locations for effectively advertising the availability of your business for purchase.

Perhaps you were considering selling your business to someone in your family, just to avoid the whole marketing and negotiation phases. You can go that route if you wish, but most experts advice against it. Avoiding the negotiation phase isn't as easy as you might think, and stress levels can skyrocket when you start negotiating with a family member regarding the value of your business.

Working with business brokers to market your business for sale will also help you save time. Business doesn't take a holiday when you put your company up for sale. You'll still need to be meeting clients, providing services, building and selling products--except now you'll have to add in publicity, document collection and qualifying prospects. Plus, you will be concerned about confidentiality.

When you decide to market your business for sale, there's a lot more involved than placing an advertisement. Coming up with a value of your assets and putting a price tag on your company is not an easy process. In addition, you should be thinking about your own exit strategy--what will you do when the business does sell?

Marketing your business for sale without hiring business brokers is definitely possible. In fact, it happens on a daily basis. You may have all the time and expertise you need to gather up documentation, negotiate the deal and complete the sale. You may actually find that you prefer the personal involvement in this landmark life event.

When all is said and done, it's really your decision on how to market your business for sale. Business brokers are an excellent option for those who prefer a hands-off approach where professionals handle what they're qualified to do best. But it you're very involved in your own company, then you might be more comfortable taking the reigns and guiding your business through the entire sales process.

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