Power Tool: Your Power to Work Easily, Effectively and Efficiently

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A power tool, in principle, uses a motor that runs on electricity or compressed air. It may also use an engine running on gasoline. A power tool can be used in households, factories and for construction purposes.

Most power tools used today run on electric motors and are also known as electric power tools. Electric power tools are more effective and help you do work faster but you need to keep in mind the safety precautions while working with these tools.

A power tool can be of two types:

Stationery: These are quite heavy and big and cannot be easily moved from one place to another. They have an advantage over the portable tools that they are faster in terms of speed and more precise and accurate than the handheld counterparts. The disadvantages obviously are the space being used by them and the expense that goes into buying and maintaining these power tools. Many times, people prefer hiring these tools rather than buying them.


Portable: A portable power tool is usually a handheld device and can be easily carried from one place to another. The cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance and small shelf space requirement have made a portable power tool more popular over the stationery ones.

Power tools include:

Wall chaser: A power tool used to cut out a thin groove in the wall.

Sander: A power tool used like a sand paper to smoothen the rough edges of wood.

Nail gun: A tool used in place of hammer to insert nails in wood or in wall.

Table saw: An electric power tool, which is stationary and is used to cut wood into even pieces.

Diamond tool: A power tool, which contains segments of diamond to cut different materials.


It is very important to check for branded and quality products when you are buying electric power tools as you may risk your life by not doing so. It is also important to use an electric power tool intelligently in order to protect its motor.

A power tool helps you to finish your task quickly, effectively and easily.

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