The Secret of Finding Your Way With Gratitude

by Gregory Hand - Date: 2006-12-21 - Word Count: 433 Share This!

In the stormy waves of life, it is easy to get lost. Car accidents, sudden break-ups in friendships and in love, the loss of a job or a contract- all these things create an insecurity in life and questions about, if indeed, we are connected to a Higher Reality. How do we deal with such a problem? How do we get out of the subterranean, semi-conscious fears that besiege us when we get into these dark corridors?

In an ancient Greek myth, Jason finds himself lost in the cave of the Minotaur. But Ariadne, the king's daughter, decides to help him and gives him a golden thread by which he can escape. When we are lost and, internally, are somewhat terrorized by our situation, what can we do to find respite and hope?

One way to do this is to invoke the positive in the middle of situations that appear to have negative outcomes. In the new film, The Secret, fifty-two teachers speak about the Law of Attraction and how thoughts and feelings can influence the course and direction of your life. Two powerful responses recommended by these teachers are the conscious exercise of forgiveness and gratitude. Focusing on forgiveness and gratitude when one is beset with problems is quite difficult. It seems almost to be the opposite of one's nature. When one would rather indulge in thoughts of retaliation and revenge, one forgives one's aggressor. When would rather sit and bewail one's situation, one thanks God for every little visible goodness in one's life, even to the point of thanking God for a way out of an impossible situation.

By utilizing the forces of gratitude at impossible times, one can find one's way out of the Cave. This is the testimony of Lee Brower, one of the principal teachers in The Secret, who discovered how a tiny pocket-sized rock could be a powerful tool for transformation. In the film, Brower describes how he used the rock to remind him to be grateful in a period of time when events were testing his faith. While observing him, a friend named the tiny talisman, the Gratitude Rock. Later on, when his friend returned to South Africa, he asked Brower to send him some rocks to aid him in his attempt to pray for his son's recovery from life-threatening hepatitis. After his son's recovery, both he and Brower became even more excited about the Rock.

Can the world find its way out of the dark corridors with Gratitude? Whether the world can or not, we always have a choice. Choose gratitude and forgiveness and you will find your way.

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