The Inseparable Twins-beach And Volleyball

by Janice Sherwood - Date: 2008-07-07 - Word Count: 567 Share This!

There are many social opportunities to be realized when young people play volleyball at the beach with family and friends. While some people come to the beach for relaxation, they can also enjoy playing volleyball to get some form of exercise during their time off from work or other responsibilities in their busy life. Playing volleyball at the beach will also give people the opportunity to work on their tan, and by the time the day is over, they will generally be well ahead of the color scheme that they are trying to achieve in their body.

Playing volleyball at the beach does not require a lot of people but larger crowds are generally more fun and make the game more exciting. As few as two people are required to get a game of volleyball started, and there are likely to be more people that come around later that will volunteer to play for a while and this will simply add to the fun in the friendly game. Boys use volleyball games to get girls into polite conversation, and while they are learning how athletic the girls are, they are also probably learning what their telephone numbers are and what school they go to.

Some girls can show off their athletic talents by challenging boys to a volleyball match spontaneously. These girls know how good they are at volleyball because they play the game competitively in their school's athletic program. The boys might think that they will beat the girls because they think they are more athletically inclined to do it. These boys will be sorely distressed when the girl's volleyball team beats them two games out of three.

Volleyball is based more on body techniques than the amount of muscles that a person has, but young people do enjoy looking at flexing muscles that come into being when boys extend their bodies in pursuit of a volleyball that is in their playing area. The girls do not mind at all that the boys are smug and so self-assured, and this type of behavior will usually motivate the girls to play harder than they are used to. Girls can get a lot of satisfaction out of beating boys at any game, but while playing volleyball against boys, the girls might also have other things in mind and let the boys win more than they were supposed to.

An enjoyable day can be experienced by playing volleyball because other activities can be done at the same time. Some people will set up grills and barbeque hamburgers and hotdogs while watching other players enjoy the volleyball game. Most beaches will have volleyball nets set up to entice vacationers to enjoy the beach. Playing games of volleyball relaxes people and gives them the perfect option for enjoying oceanic sceneries while doing it.

People can enjoy playing louder music than normal when they are playing volleyball on the beach. The wide open spaces offered on a public beach make it possible for large groups of people to meet without feeling confined in any way. Some people will make new friends that they can go out with at a later date, because people that like the physical conditioning provided by volleyball practice will likely enjoy other sports as well. Volleyball players can enjoy weight training to harden their muscles to be ready for the next volleyball match that they play on vacation.

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