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I will be discussing with you how you can begin to make a living on the internet just writing and submitting articles.

Master the Art of Writing Articles.

Every idea you want to write an article on must have been covered by somebody else in form of articles. So if you are scared of writing articles, you can at least get inspirations from the already written ones. You can bring out top notch articles from the combination of three or four articles on a particular topic of interest. Please don't copy word for word. You just need to read, understand and from your own articles. This way you can write articles on any topic in the world.
You can get good articles at these places:
Another way of getting quality articles is from books. I have used this style too. If I want to write articles on any topic, I only need to visit the Local library for text materials on the topic. I also search on google by typing: the topic + free book PDF format. I included "free PDF format" because I want to be able to download the book in PDF format.
The final things you must ensure when writing your articles is to spell check your articles for spelling errors. You can use this free service at

Build a Large List with Your Articles

You will need an autoresponder to build your list if you don't have a website for your business. With an autoresponder you can have database of subscribers to your newsletters/free courses etc.
There are lots of autoresponder services available on the net. I use They give a good service and it is FREE. If you however need paid autoresponders, you can check out these sites

You can now create FREE reports on your subject and arrange them in series of maybe 4 or 5 parts and place them into your autoresponder.
You should now craft an ad to make people subscribe to your FREE report. Your ads can be in this format:
"FREE reports on How You Can Become a Great Football Player". Subscribe NOW by sending a blank e-mail to (this must have been given to you when you register for your autoresponder service).
You can place ads in forums or in your article byline before you submit them at article sites. As they subscribe you are capturing their email addresses and building your list at the same time.

Promote to Your List

Now that you have your list, you have completed 75% of the job.
You should now start promoting your products or other people's products (become an affiliate). You must however ensure the products you promote to your list are of good quality or else you loose them as fast as you gained them.
You can find a directory of affiliate products at Associate You should pick a product with good commission so that you can make good gains.
From your regular ezines to your list, you can begin to include your affiliate ID (this must have been given to you when you sign up for any affiliate program) to the products in your articles.
When they click on your affiliate ID and buy the product you get credited with the commission. You should promote more that one affiliate products as you can always give members of your list options of what to buy.

Submit Your Articles

You can actually make money even if you don't have a list in place by writing several articles on the product you are promoting.
When you have these articles in place- they don't have to be too long, you can then begin to submit to the various articles sites or the top ezines directories. Ensure your affiliate ID is strategically located in your articles.
As you submit to these sites, many visitors will pick up your articles and place on their sites thereby giving your site or business free promotion.

Sesan Oguntade is the CEO of He has been an internet marketer for sometime now. He offers great FREE e-books on internet marketing at his You can also find good "How To Guides" at his site.

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