Used LCD Projectors

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Apart from the usual used LCD projectors, those which have been used from some considerable amount of time by someone and are now for sale, there are some other categories of used LCD Projectors.

One of these categories is called demo projectors - projectors that have been used sparingly in-house for customer demonstrations. The majority of demo projectors generally have 90% or more of the original lamp life remaining at the time of resale. Demo models that are still in production ship with a full manufacturer's warranty. The length of warranty varies on demo models that are no longer in production.

Another category is refurbished projectors - projectors are most often the source of best projector deals. These projectors have been returned to an authorized factory service center and restored to meet manufacturer's original quality standards. Refurbished projectors feature new lamps, yet the warranty varies by manufacturer.

Yet another category is bargain buys - projectors that are new, factory-sealed units and are priced less than US $1500. These projectors are typically SVGA resolution, are portable, and feature an adequate amount of brightness for most any environment. Because of their budget price, the length of warranty on these projectors varies.

There are several Web sites that sell used LCD Projectors over the Internet. However, when buying over the Internet, one should not only look at the security of the mode of payment, but also about the vendor who is selling the product on the Web site. Generally, some people who have bought a product from a vendor leave a comment about the quality of service and product sold by the vendor; these comments are often very helpful in eliminating the vendors with a poor track record.

Finding a used LCD Projector is not difficult, what is though, is narrowing down to decide on a projector that meets the requirements, comes from a vendor who can be relied upon, and is at available at the best price among all the Web sites on the Internet that sell used LCD projectors.

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