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Businesses cannot afford the costs associated with workplace theft, lawsuits and unproductive processes or employees. The same applies to investigators and the investigation process. How much time do your investigators spend completing paperwork and filling out reports? How much time does that leave them to be out in the field, conducting interviews and moving on to the next case?

The longer it takes investigators to close a case, the more expensive the investigation becomes. Executives and managers are looking for efficient investigation tools that save time and money.

The issue of time is a growing concern for those involved in internal investigations. Businesses are also faced with growing legal pressures to start investigations promptly and comply with a growing list of policies and procedures, in order to reduce or eliminate the company's liability in the case.

Common Questions
Many of the people we speak with about implementing i-Sight want to know more about how they can save time and better manage their cases. A lot of the answers to these questions come directly from our clients.

Investigation Paperwork
One of the major concerns is the amount of time investigators spend filling out the paperwork that's associated with an investigation. You need to have all the facts in order to determine an outcome, but sometimes having to record the same information over and over again and e-mail it around to your team can make for a lot of wasted time. At TriZetto, "the old system they were using made it difficult to ensure that consistent entries were made by every investigator and accidental errors could overwrite previous entries. These challenges made the data difficult to analyze. In Excel, one little spelling mistake or a blank space can throw things completely out of whack when you try to sort, or filter the data."

These methods also make it impossible for multiple team members to work on a case simultaneously, as the files can only be updated by one user at a time. This increases the time it takes to complete an investigation because other members on your team are left waiting for pieces of the investigation to be sent to them in order to complete their tasks. With i-Sight, we help you eliminate this kind of duplication of effort and enable everyone to access and collaborate within a central case file. Profiles, cases and personal information you have previously recorded about people involved in the investigation are saved into the system and are recognized and automatically populated so that you don't have to record everything all over again.

Accuracy is another important consideration that we are frequently asked about. At the West Virginia Insurance Commission Fraud Unit, "before implementing i-Sight, the lead investigator would sit down and manually go through all of the information in a file in order to write up a summary. It was very time consuming, which meant that people often got frustrated and took shortcuts. With i-Sight, you just press a button and the system spits out a complete written report. It saves a lot of man-hours and eliminates duplication of effort. Also, the final result is more accurate."

Time Saving Answers
Not only is the data easier to access with i-Sight, but the level of detail is much richer, too. Once a new case is created, the i-Sight system guides users step-by-step through a series of drop-down entry fields that have been customized to conform to any client's existing workflow while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Entering a new case takes only a few minutes and requires little specialized training. From that point on, automatic reminders and alerts help to ensure that case records are always kept up-to-date and that individual investigations aren't neglected or overlooked.

At TriZetto, "our investigations proceed more efficiently, our clients get better information, our senior management is better informed and I and my staff have more time to devote to operational responsibilities by using i-Sight."

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