What Joke are Offensive to People

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Irvin S. Cobb once said "Humor is merely tragedy standing on its head with its pants torn." On first thought most people may not quite get this figure of speech, but that's alright because that's the humor part. I am pretty sure Irvin S. Cobb had dirty jokes on his mind when he was thinking this.

In this day and age it seems that everything or at least almost everything is a joke to people. We find it very easy to make fun of people because of their skin color, their religion, their profession, or even where they live. Many of us find these jokes incredibly funny - but do we think about the people that they are making fun of? Do we stop to think about how offensive it may be to someone?

When we were young many of us were taught to respect all those around us. It didn't matter whether they were black or white, Jewish or Catholic, brunette or blondes, or even lawyers or politicians. But somewhere between growing up and trying to fit in our views become skewed and we find ourselves doing things differently.

It can be hard sometimes not to find certain jokes funny even if they are making fun of other types of people. You have many television show hosts like Jay Leno making fun of celebrities and politicians and sometimes we just have to agree with them. Then you have singers like Weird Al who takes songs and turns them into parodies of the way people can act or how nerdy someone can be.

I believe that there are some jokes that are hilarious and I love to pass them around and share them with others. But at the same time I try to make sure that they are not so offensive. For example there are some blonde jokes that are just downright funny and then there are some that are taken too far. I know that many perceive blondes as being brainless and that is where the jokes come from. I was blonde (once upon a time) - but I never took these jokes to heart and understood they were just for fun.

The best thing to remember is not to take these jokes too far and to keep them in moderation. Not every joke is supposed to be taken literally. Just because they are making fun of a lawyer doesn't mean they are talking about you. If you are going to use it to tease others then just make sure they will find it funny and don't take it too far.

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