Family History

by Julia Jones - Date: 2007-02-24 - Word Count: 514 Share This!

Many people have a family history chart and are well informed about their ancestors and relatives. I know a family that has made added many branches to their old family history tree with the continuous additions of new generations with the passage of time. It is not only interesting but excellent as one should be well informed about your family roots. All of us know something or the other about our intimate family, our parents and grandparents. We all should learn to keep a track of the family and relatives as it lets us know much about ourselves. But it is even much more exciting to let your partner know about his or her family history. Presenting the history of the family of your mate is a unique way of expressing love. So get up and start working to collect the subject matter.

You need to do a lot of research work for it. It is true that you cannot do the work on your own. You do need the help of family members. You need not disclose your idea to all and lessen the excitement. Help can be taken from one or two elderly people in the family who would be knowing much more than the younger generation. You can take help from your mate's grandparents or some close relative who is well informed about the family and associates. I know it is requires little hard work but you can do anything for the one you love. Collect photographs of the family members and relatives. If it is possible you can get pictures of great grand parents. In fact you can, trace photographs till the topmost list if it is achievable. Write their names and if you come to know about some distinct quality of the different members then it'll be even more exciting.

The family history you are going to present should be pleasing and not offending anyone. So write about the members who had really done some achievable work and only mention names or very little about the ones who you feel were no good. After all it is in human nature to make mistakes. Create a wed site with all your collected matter and give it a name. You'll have all in your website, the picture, name, different characteristics of different family members and relatives, the celebrations they had and anything else that you can get. Present this wonderful family history to your mate and give him or her immense happiness. It would be the most valuable gift your partner ever received.

Gift as this is not given often as it takes effort and time. Most of the couples never even get this kind of an idea as it is only one of its kinds. Your effort and hard work will be credited. Not only your mate but each family member will be moved by such an act of yours. It is always wonderful to receive such a pleasant gift that is rare. It will enhance your love and make the family members more close towards you.

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