Are You Ignoring the 4 Obvious Traps When You Buy Pallet Racks Through Liquidation?

by Joshua Peruzzi - Date: 2007-03-27 - Word Count: 443 Share This!

Nowadays, there is an increased demand for warehouse space, especially during festive seasons. One of the solution to maximize your storage space is the use of pallet racks. You can save lots of money should you decide to buy them through liquidation.

Before you do that, you need to be aware of 4 traps. Using this knowledge, you can make a better decision whether to buy used pallet racks directly from the liquidation site or the dealer at a higher price but assured quality.

1. Sometimes, some items on the listing are not available at the liquidation site. The listing is only for illustration and it doesn't represent a true picture of the racks to be liquidated. You may find extra items that are not on the listing at the location. You are advised to visit the site so that you can view the items yourself.

2. Liquidators don't arrange shipping when you close the deal. You need to arrange your own shipping from the location where the liquidated pallet racks are situated to your warehouse. Liaise with the liquidators for low cost transportation and good discounts as they have good relationships with the freight forwarders. Better still, if you can arrange your purchase with any of their coming liquidations, you can receive more savings when purchasing directly from the liquidated site.

3. Bear in mind that the goods sold by liquidators are "As Is, Where Is". Some may have still have stickers or labels on them from their former use. Some of the racks have not been cleaned, repaired, or repainted. Don't be surprised if you find damaged racks among the lot. Most of the racks should be structurally strong enough to almost match the structural integrity of those new or refurbished ones. So, inspect the racks properly before you buy them.

4. If your warehouse is located in California, Washington, South Carolina, Utah, Massachusetts, Nevada and other earthquake-prone areas, then the racks must comply to the state's seismic requirements. It is your responsibility to get the seismic permit for your pallet racks. Based on the requirement, all pallet rack systems must built to seismic specifications. In other words, they must be strong enough to remain firm without crashing, cracking or malfunctioning in the event of an earthquake.

You can enjoy large savings if you buy used pallet racks directly from liquidated sites. Even though they have been use before, they are still in good condition and can perform the same function as the new ones. Moreover, they are far below market value which gives you a higher return on your investment. To secure your investment, visit the liquidation location directly for all pricing information, purchase, and shipping.

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