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Breast implants have been used for decades to enhance the appearance and size of women's chests all over the world. As with any procedure, things always improve with time and experience and new techniques are inevitably conceived an implemented.

The implants themselves are usually filled with either medical grade silicon (which is now much safer than its earlier counterparts) or a saline solution which is injected after the empty implant pouch is placed in its final location.

Along with the advancements in this field has come a choice of incision sites used to insert breast implants, some more unusual than others;

· The armpits - incision scars here will never be seen by a third party unless you were to walk around with your arms above your head and even then the scars are usually quite inconspicuous.

· Under the breasts - again the scars here will not be visible unless you choose to lift the breast to show someone.

· Around the Areolas - the skin here is of a different texture and colour to the surrounding skin meaning an incision site can be effectively hidden.

· Belly button incision - this one sounds a little unusual as it is not exactly in close proximity to the breasts. Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation, to give it its proper name, is the process of inserting a tiny endoscopic tube which can carry an unfilled saline implant pouch (folded up) to the breast. This can then be filled once in position and the incision scar hidden in the belly button.

With the years worth of experience the procedures have also become much safer. You should always research any cosmetic surgery procedure thoroughly before going ahead with to make sure you are happy with the procedure and end result.


You should find an experienced surgeon to ensure any cosmetic surgery procedure you opt for runs smoothly. This is crucial with breast enlargement surgery (otherwise known as breast augmentation) to ensure the end result is a good one.



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