How to find more time by simplifying your life

by RobertGreenshields - Date: 2007-10-30 - Word Count: 481 Share This!

When life gets complicated and chaotic, it's often hard to get anything done.

The busier you are and the more responsibilities you have, the more difficult everything seems to be.

Eventually you reach a point where the simplest task seems too strenuous to even think about - let alone accomplish. You may be familiar with the feeling that your energy is being consistently drained from your body?

One major cause for that feeling is the amount of energy and focus you have to devote to everything in your life. The more scattered your thoughts become, the more you need to concentrate really hard, and the more drained you feel!

If you can take steps to simplify your life, you'll find your energy and focus gradually returning.

How do you simplify a life that has turned into a jumbled mess?

One step at a time!

That sounds overly simple, doesn't it? It IS very simple, but it does take a bit of effort. There are several ways to simplify your life, but here are two quick ways to get started:

1. Start eliminating clutter from your surroundings. Clutter is terribly draining. Not only does it make you feel scattered and confused, it can actually drain your energy so you don't want to do anything! Now, you don't have to go on a huge de-cluttering mission in order to receive some positive benefits from this technique.

Instead, try setting aside just a few minutes a day to get rid of things you don't need. Start with just one room in your home or workplace. Grab a box and a trash bag, and begin by throwing away trash and debris that is no longer useable. Put trash in the bag, and items to be donated into the box. After a few minutes have passed, throw out the trash bag and place the box in your car. Drop it off at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store that same day.

Go through this same process every day, or at least every couple of days, and before long you'll really start to notice a difference in how you feel. Among other things you'll start to feel lighter, more productive and focused.

2. While you're clearing out the physical clutter from your life, consider also eliminating emotional burdens. These burdens might include unhealthy relationships, unresolved issues, long-held grudges, old limiting beliefs, and much more. Don't allow them to keep draining your energy and focus. If they are no longer serving you, banish them from your life. Doing this can be as simple as making a conscious decision to let go of them.

Talk about feeling lighter! Without all that old emotional baggage weighing on your mind, your surroundings aren't the only thing that will start looking refreshed!


Robert Greenshields is a marketing success coach who helps entrepreneurs and independent professionals transform their business results by changing their mindset. Sign up for his 7 top tips on Calming the Chaotic Life

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