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We've all heard the stories about travelers being charged for their overweight luggage. This is definitely a good time to lighten up! To begin, start with lighter weight luggage. There are a variety of cases using the claim of "light weight." However, you just need to lift the case to see that the title does not fit the case. Additionally, you will need a case that although it is lightweight, it is also strong enough to stand the vigor's of air and ship travel. There are several brands that come highly recommended.

The Ultra No-Weight luggage from Skyway is the lightest in its class. It has good wheels, a locking push or pull handle, and a strong fabric to withstand traveling near and far. Inside, there's a zippered mesh pocket, and a soft detachable shoe bag. The case is not expandable, but it is very deep so it will pack up all of your needs. They are available in sizes 29", 26" 22" as well as rolling duffel. Additionally there is attachable small duffel that will ride on top of the cases with ease. It can then be removed when the luggage is taken and carried on to the plane or boat. This ideal sized duffel has double handles and a removable shoulder strap for ease in carrying. It is also one of the lightest bags around. This piece is also a popular corporate gift since it can be monogrammed or have a logo printed on the bag.

There's a wide variety of discount luggage featured everywhere, but the Coronado collection stands out for value. This collection by Dilana would be the next lightest in its class. This is constructed from ballistic nylon with genuine leather trim. It also has a removable very lightweight nylon garment bag that fits inside the luggage or can be carried completely on its own. Two outside pockets allow you to pack last minute items, and take along a jacket or raincoat and umbrella for immediate use. The luggage is extremely durable, made of the same materials and trim of the expensive heavy weight luggage. It comes in a wide array of size including the most popular sized 29", 26" and 22" in the upright Pullman cases. Large and small rolling duffels are also available. Two different kinds of attachable tote bags are lightweight and extremely handily. One is a hanging cosmetic bag with a short handle and a removable shoulder strap. It has a removable mirror, and straps to hold smaller things upright. The other tote is more of an east west shape that expands twice to accommodate your different needs. They also make an attachable garment bag that folds in thirds, so it meets airline requirements and can be carried onto the airplane in most cases. It also slides over the Pullman cases with a sleeve for ease in attaching to the rolling piece of luggage. A rolling garment bag that easily accommodates two to three suits rounds out this very popular line of luggage.

Victorinox Swiss Army luggage has the Swiss Werks Traveler 2.0, which is their lightweight line. It is expandable so each case can be used for a longer or shorter trip. The expansion will also accommodate those shopping sprees! This line is available in basic colors, as well as limited edition fashion colors that help you to stand out in the crowd of luggage coming around the carousel. This popular line of luggage is offered in 27" expandable, 24" expandable and 22" expandable. They also make a lightweight shopper's tote bag, or a carryon sized duffel to match and complement the line. Recently, a messenger style bag has been added to the line. Swiss Werks Traveler 2.0 has many outside pockets as well as great packing organization inside the bag. The inside pouches are all made of mesh so as not to add to the weight of the case. These fine choices of luggage prove that you can lighten up, pack all of those important travel accessories, and still adhere to the new airline regulations.

Maxine Greco has worked in the luggage and travel industry for over 35 years. She is currently employed at Village Luggage & Gifts.

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