Five Ways To Make Your Yard A Reflection Of You

by Ron and Jan Stager - Date: 2009-07-23 - Word Count: 570 Share This!

Do you want to make your yard a beautiful reflection of your unique style and character? Are you looking for easy ways to make your garden more than flowers? You can transform your outdoors into a personal space that inspires others in your neighborhood to be creative too. By finding the right yard and garden décor, you will discover simple and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home.

Garden Fountains
Many homeowners love the idea of having the relaxing sound and beauty of a garden pond or waterfall in their backyard. However, this is often difficult due to cost and space. You can gain the benefits of rushing water sounds and the soothing feel of nature by adding a small or medium sized fountain instead. A popular choice in garden décor, these pieces make a tremendous difference in the feel of your yard with little cost. The range of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles will fit perfectly into any garden theme. The addition of water will also draw birds and small animals, bringing yet another touch of nature and peace to your outdoors.

Wind Chimes
From the lovely tinkling sound of aluminum wind chimes, to the lower, mystical melodies of bamboo or wood chimes, this is a wonderful addition to your yard décor. Not only can you choose from a variety of sounds that add some of nature's music to your yard, but the style you need to match your decor will be easy to find. Choose a standard chime with pipes, an all-American theme, a décor of crosses or pipe organ sounds, a country and barn piece, or glass chimes in almost any form. Add some melody to your life!

Bird Houses
A great example of a simple form of yard and garden décor that draws in and gives home to wildlife will always remain the traditional bird house. While outside you can enjoy the touch of color and personality your chosen birdhouse brings, and more importantly, you will love seeing the birds and their families take refuge in your yard. This can be a joy for adults and an especially fun time of learning and watching for children. Add to it a traditional bird bath, or go creative with an entire bird "village" or humorous bird diner.

Stepping Stones, Signs, & Plaques
Accent your home with a colorful stepping stone or sign. For the front yard, you may want to find a welcoming piece that invites visitors and gives a sense of hospitality. Just a few small signs can give your landscape an individual flair and homey feel. Go with an artistic and whimsical look, or create a theme of birds, butterflies, or country. Since cost on these items is low, you can find just one perfect item or go with several to complete the look you are creating.

Vases & Flower Pots
Your garden may be full of gorgeous flowers, but why not bring a bit of the color and scent to your patio or front entrance? Outdoor pots allow you to have flowers anywhere, while adding the style of the pot itself. From oversized to small, flower pots and vases make it possible to move your flowers to new locations simply for change or to find the best spot of sun or shade depending on the season.

These are just five simple and inexpensive ways to make your yard a place of personality and creativity. Take a look at improving your landscape with yard and garden décor today.

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