What Physical Activity Is Best For You

by Zachary Thompson - Date: 2006-11-29 - Word Count: 461 Share This!

As you may already know, physical activity and health come together, like a couple. Regular exercising improves your health, and a good health makes you feel a "hunger" for physical activity. However, not every exercise may be suitable for you, as the effort required may be so intense that ends up harming your body, or so light that it produces absolutely no effect on it.

The right amount of physical activity for you is usually determined by your body weight, and based on that here are some tips to help you choose.

People with too much overweight should avoid intense physical activity. Very obese people are sedentary, so they may already be under risk of cardiac or vascular problems, therefore an exercise that is too intense may be very dangerous. Besides, their lung capacity is already reduced, and they are not capable of maintaining a moderately intense aerobic activity without turning it into anaerobic (that means, being unable to oxygenate the exercised muscles); and they also will need more energy to move than other people, because of their larger mass (that's just plain physics), and they will consume this energy in much less time.

For very obese people, a weight loss diet is strongly recommended, and the physical activity should be limited to easy exercising, like for instance taking daily walks. They may increase the amount and intensity of their exercising progressively as they lose weight.

People with little to moderate overweight (people "with a belly") may perform more intense activities, as long as they don't have any undesired effects. For instance, if you can hardly breathe after exercising, you should lower the intensity; or if you experience dizziness or extreme weakness, you should stop and tell a doctor about this. Always keep in mind that a long, moderately intense exercise is much better and more benefic than a short, very intense one. Aerobics or Step, for instance, are almost always great exercising choices.

People with normal weight should perform moderately intense physical activities, like a sport twice a week, or a daily fifteen minutes run. If this is your case, make sure you replace all the minerals you lose during your exercises session by drinking a good deal of water while and after your effort, and to complement your diet with a nutritional supplement that ensures your body will have all the necessary raw materials to produce the energy you will need to perform your activity.

Of course, these quick tips are just meant to give you some idea of what kind of physical activity you may perform, and by no means intend to be a "complete guide". I strongly recommend you pay a visit to your doctor or professional nutritionist, for there is not a better person to suggest what is better for your health.

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