Create A Baby Gift Basket Complete With Special Baby Gifts

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What could possibly be a more personalized baby gift than a homemade baby gift basket? One way to make it special is by selecting baby gifts specifically for the new bundle of joy. This is a beautiful and useful gift for a baby shower, christening, or to take with you when you go to visit the precious new baby. A baby gift basket overflowing with beautiful and functional baby things that will be appreciated by the new parents.

The ideal baby gift basket would be attractive as well as functional. In order to create your ideal gift basket, it's a good idea to do a little planning first. Would you prefer to make your gift basket with baby gifts that indicate a special baby theme or color? If the gift basket is for a baby shower gift and you don't know the gender of the baby, select a white wicker basket as the container. The new mommy will find many uses for this type of container.

To create a baby gift basket using a wicker basket as the container begin the assembly process by placing a large package of disposable diapers, a container of baby wipes, a baby blanket or quilt, receiving blankets, crib sheets, a baby pillow, or baby bath towels in the bottom of the basket. Place smaller baby gifts, rattles, and plush toys on the top to give your finished gift basket a decorative look.

Another useful container is a baby tote bag. Place larger items in the bottom and more decorative gifts sticking out the top of the tote bag. Instead of zipping the tote bag closed, roll pretty receiving blankets, crib sheets, or baby bath towels and place them into the bag so they stick out the top. Place cute little rattles, plush toys, or other small baby gifts between the rolled items. Include a gift for the new mommy -- a scented candle, bath salts, or body lotion.

A baby bath theme makes a useful and practical gift. It's a great idea for a baby shower gift when you are unsure of the baby's gender. Choose an infant bath tub or bath seat, line it with a hooded bath towel and baby wash cloths or a hooded bath robe. Include bath toys or necessities such as baby soap, tearless shampoo, bubble bath, a hair brush, and comb. Don't forget the rubber ducky!

If you prefer to create a baby gift basket that is more unusual, a baby book theme is a nice idea. For a more professional look, place pastel pink, blue, or yellow purchased shred in a wicker basket; this will also help you place the gift items so that they stay in place. Add soft baby books, timeless classics, and a couple of more contemporary books -- Sesame Street, Barney, or Blue's Clues. Include soft baby blocks, a CD of lullabies, or a Baby Einstein DVD. A nice touch is to add a baby theme photo frame or a "brag book" for the new parents.

Tips For Making A Baby Gift Basket:

Wrap some of the gifts in tissue paper and tie with thin satin ribbon before placing in the gift basket.

Choose items that are safe for babies. Bath products should be gentle and tearless. Sleepwear should be flame retardant. All toys should have suggested ages.

Ideally, your finished baby gift basket will appear to be overflowing with gifts, so keep that in mind when you choose a container. Fill in empty spaces with purchased shred.

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