The Weight Of Weight Estimation

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Cubic Sheet or Weight Estimation is a prerequisite of any move. We've all heard the horrifying tales of friends and relatives who have been duped by dishonest movers and forced to pay more than the actual cost of the move. I'm sure you don't want to go through the same thing yourself. So, make sure you get all your belongings weighed and have an estimate before moving.

You do not always have to get your belongings weighed. In case your mover is transporting your goods on a non-binding contract, the goods must be weighed in order to determine the legal tariff charge. In case of binding contracts, the weight of the goods will not affect the charge of the shipments. However, if you need to weigh your goods, do take care that your goods are weighed on a certified scale. Using a non certified scale might result in wrong weighing.

Do you know how the rogue moving companies scam people? They usually provide you with estimates without making an on site check of your belongings. Their estimates include a clause which states that additional cubic feet will have extra charges. Once the packing is done, they load your belongings onto the truck and tell you that there are several cubic feet more of goods than originally estimated. Usually the company charges double rates for these extra goods. If you can't pay, your belongings are hijacked by the movers. Don't fall for such scams. Have your mover come to your house and weigh your stuff once they are packed, before providing an estimate.

Weight estimation removes chances of being duped. Also, if you compare the quotes offered by 2 or 3 different moving companies, it gives you the opportunity to choose a mover at an economical price.

The weighing of the goods is very crucial to the move. A certain company once presented their customers with an estimate that was double the cost of the actual belongings. Don't put yourself in the same predicament. Insist upon being present during the weighing. The truck carrying the goods is first weighed when it is empty and then re-weighed after being loaded. The difference in weight is used to calculate the cost of the move. In case you are not satisfied with the weighing, demand a re-weigh. Although, most companies will charge a fee for reweighing, it is better to put your doubts to rest instead of shelling out a huge amount of money later. The final charge of the move should be based on actual weight, not the minimum weight of the goods.

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