Elements of the Wardrobes on Dress Up Games

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You might wonder why a single wardrobe can bring out the best in you; it is just a piece of clothing anyway. However, no matter how you deny it, you are impressed and sometimes overwhelmed how it perfectly fits you. Do you know how it made the magic? The elements of style are the factors which made the clothing you wear on magical. If you are not familiar with it and yet you do not want to take the hassle of looking for them personally, virtual games like dressing up games can give you visual presentation of these elements of the wardrobe. Learn while having fun with dressing up games.

Being fabulous is often determined by the stylish cut of the dress that you wear on. Nonetheless, there are circumstances that no matter how stylish the dress seems, it does not perfectly fit you well. While a clothing vary its fit depending on your body structure and shape, the parts of the dress or its elements that makes up a characteristic can distinguish it apart from the other.

Hemline. The Hemline refers to the lower edge of a garment. This is often becomes part of a skirt or a dress. The hemline is one of the most variable styles in the fashion as it can be changes depending in the designer's preference. The hem line is often changed depending on the type of occasion that the garment will be worn. Some of the types of hemlines are the floor-length hemlines, ankle, and midcalf, below the knee, above-knee, diagonal and so many others.

Neckline. The neckline is the top edge of the dress near the neck. It is used as the boundary for shaping. It can be styled and designed into cowls, pleats or ruffles. The ruffles are one of the most preferred elements of the dress as it draws attention to the dress and gives a feminine touch. Among the types of the neckline which you can play with the design are the jewel neckline, the halter, V necklines, deep neck, one shoulder, and many other types.

Cuff. When wearing clothing with sleeves, the cuff becomes an element of it. The cuff is the lower edge of the sleeve.  Cuff however may not only pertain to the part of top clothing but also the cuff of a pair of trousers.

Sleeve. This is the part of the garment that covers the arms. However as fashion clothing develops, sleeves have evolved into other styles which may not necessarily cover the arm. Among the examples of sleeves are the bat-wing, the bell sleeve, cap sleeve, short sleeve, two-piece sleeve and many more.

When choosing the dress or the outfit at dressing up games, make sure that the element fits the occasion that you will be attending. This is true not only in dressing up games but in real style dressing up.

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