Is Dog Training Necessary Part 2: The Owner

by Jeff Pettit - Date: 2007-08-15 - Word Count: 275 Share This!

One of the most important aspects of training your dog, and probably the most important part is YOU. When dog training, we must train the owner first. With proper techniques and knowledge of how to respond and communicate with your dog you will see great results.

Dog training involves giving the skills to the owner to learn to work with their dog. It is about building better communication skills and understanding how your dog thinks and why he behaves the way he does. It takes time and patience and a significant amount of effort but in the end will be worth it. Dog training is important, helps keep your dog safe and improves the quality of your time together.

Dogs have a tendency to be easily excited. Things such as taking the dog for a walk, run, or even going down to the beach can excite them. Dogs crave direction from their owner and want to follow your lead. They want to belong to a social group and you are the head of that group. Dogs will respond better to positive kinds of training. It is up to the owner to learn how his or her dog will respond best and use those methods that will be most effective.

Attending a dog training class is a great opportunity to learn more about your dog and allow your dog to gain trust in you. You have the chance to work under the guidance of a trainer and learn new methods to communicate with your dog and by doing so you will develop a deeper and more rewarding relationship with your dog.

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