Simple Ways To Enhance Your Home Security If You Live On Your Own

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Being street smart is one requirement for individuals who live by yourself. But what does this really mean? Do you have to buy each and every new home security tool to continue to be safe? Of course not, but you also have to understand that as a single person, you're in charge of your protection and you may have to invest in your self-protection skills to avoid being a target of an intruder attack. Listed below are some simple and cheap ways to enhance your protection against thieves...
1. Set up Hard-to-Pick Locks
Lock picking is an art that lots of criminals have perfected and you have to be conscious of this. Investing on padlocks that won't get picked easily means you've got time to call the police or alert the neighbor if an intruder is in your yard.
2. Backyard Lights
Yes it's a drain on your electrical energy, but keeping your exterior lights open could keep back robbers. Cover the lights with a protective case if possible so that the intruder won't be able to easily smash them. If you give some thought to it, the electricity expense is extremely marginal if you make it a habit to turn off the backyard lighting fixtures in the break of day. What matters is you're relatively safer at the hours of darkness if the backyard lighting fixtures are turned on. Intruders don't want to attract attention, and they generally hate being under bright light while they try to sneak in.
3. Keep away from Flimsy Curtains
Blinds cover and protect you, while flimsy curtains literally let everyone know that you're always on your own inside your home. Moreover, flimsy curtains could make it easy for any person to check inside and have a look at your home security precautions.
4. Have Coffee at Home with a Friend From Time to Time
When you live by yourself, you never know who could be observing your habits. Having a friend over during the afternoons for coffee could make it seem like you do not live on your own. And, whatever you do, do not ever let people know you live alone. Dodge the question, or say something vague if anyone asks frankly. In fact, you need to be cautious of any stranger who pointedly asks if you live alone.
5. Installing Chimes
Chimes are normally used for spiritual and artistic purposes, but you can also use these noisy devices for your home protection. Install the chimes inside your doorway rather than outside. Wind or a slight breeze could make the chimes ring if they're set up outside the doorway, but if they're established inside and they ring in the middle of the evening, it might mean that an interloper is in the house.
6. Be a Good Neighbor
Being in great terms with your neighbors may save your life. You don't need to be so connected to them that they visit everyday but you should always stay away from entering into disputes with your neighbors considering the fact that they may be the only ones who could help you if you scream for help. Do not irritate them by being raucous all the time, so that when you do make some noise, they're going to immediately know something is wrong.
7. Duck Calls and Whistles
You know the clich about snoozing with your pistol beneath your cushion? Having a duck call or whistle under your pillow instead of a gun is much safer. In the event you wake up in the middle of the night sensing an interloper inside the home, you can use your whistle to alert the neighbors.
8. Learn Baton Combat
Having a baseball bat, a long cane, a metal pipe or a any blunt weapon around to serve as your main self defense weapon may be ideal if you're disinclined to possessing a firearm. But , when you're not well-acquainted with using your bat, it could quickly be taken from you, or worse, used against you.

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