Important Tips For New Pay Per Click Advertisers

by Joe Stewart - Date: 2007-04-15 - Word Count: 496 Share This!

Many people that own businesses are now beginning to focus a portion of their advertising budget on the internet. In this day and age of business you're just about dead in the water without some form of web presence. I hear it almost daily when speaking to prospective customers, "do you have a website?" or "what is your website address?"

There are a number of different advertising methods available to business owners now, but the most popular method is known as "Pay Per Click Advertising." Pay Per Click advertising is a form of advertising where you "bid" on keywords and/or keyword phrases. You do market research to determine the keywords that people are using to find the products or services that you sell. After you come up with a keyword list, you'll then write your ad(s) that you'll want prospective customers to see and place a bid on your keyword phrases. You are then charged up to your bid amount each time someone clicks on your ads. You're only charged when someone actually clicks, not each time your ad is shown.

The bidding process is where you must be extremely careful because you can lose your shirt very quickly. It's a good idea to read a good book about how to use Pay Per Click Advertising before tackling it on your own. Trust me on this because it can save you a lot of grief down the road.

There are several different search engines that you can run your Pay Per Click campaigns on. As it has become more popular, it's also become much more competitive. Some of the companies that you may want to consider are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Miva, Kanoodle, 7Search, LookSmart, GoClick, Enhance and more. The undisputed king of Pay Per Click search engines, at the time of this writing, is Google Adwords. You can set up a Google Adwords account and have ads up and running in as little as ten minutes. Fast and effective. Yahoo Search (formerly Overture) is a distant second, followed by MSN (Microsoft Search Network). These are known as the "big three" search engines and get the most traffic online by far over the other smaller engines.

There are some people that make their entire living with Pay Per Click marketing alone. These people either sell their own products and services or they sell other peoples products for a commission. These types of business people are known as Affiliate Marketer's. There are some Affiliate's that make thousands of dollars each year. There are "elite" individuals that make over a million dollars or more each year. These individuals that make six figures or more are known as "Super Affiliates".

Whether you have an offline business and want to generate business for your company on the internet fast or someone that wants to earn a part time income by taking advantage of the Affiliate Marketing opportunities, Pay Per Click marketing can help you to line your pockets, once you learn how to use it effectively.

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