How Can We Survive The Rising Cost Of College Tuition?

by Jordan Rocksmith - Date: 2010-09-25 - Word Count: 405 Share This!

The colleges and universities throughout the country are hit hard with budget cuts. The state colleges and universities as well as the private colleges and universities are suffering cuts because of the state deficits which leave them with little funding. A good example of a budget cut result in the University of Washington. The UW has announced that their funding has been cut by Twenty One Million Dollars which will result in a tuition raise of fourteen percent. The University of California has been the hardest cut because of the deficits of the State of California. The UC has had a Six Hundred Thirty Seven Million Dollars cut from their funding for the school year 2009 to 2010. The UC announced a tuition raise of thirty percent.

There may be a glimmer of hope for this situation since this is an election year. During an election year the legislators do not want to upset their constituency so they may be somewhat hesitant in making too many budget cuts and particularly for education. Regardless of the election year glimmer of hope, the state college and university (referred to as the public schools) tuition is lower than the tuition of the private college and university. On average, the state college and university tuition can be about Seven Thousand Dollars and the private college and university tuition can range from Twenty Six Thousand Dollars to as much as Fifty Thousand Dollars per year.

The student that qualifies for financial aid will not have to pay the full cost of tuition. If a student is receiving a grant or a tax benefit than the tuition for that student may only Five Thousand Four Hundred Dollars. In that case, the student will only have to pay One Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Dollars in tuition.

There are more students enrolling in colleges and universities than ever before and this allows the schools to raise the tuitions. You can see this as the law of supply and demand.

Although there are many avenues of assistance for students it is difficult for many of them to qualify for either financial aid or any of the available programs. Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of all of this is the fact that many of the students worked hard to attain a 4.0 grade average, and did everything right to qualify scholastically, but are unable to attend because they do not qualify for any financial assistance.

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