Selling for Shy People

by Glyn Norman - Date: 2007-03-02 - Word Count: 852 Share This!

Selling for Shy People - Helpful Tools and Suggestions

It is a well-known cliché that sales people are outrageous extroverts who enjoy meeting new people and are unafraid of rejection. But what about those who do not fit that mold? What about those who are shy, who don't necessarily enjoy meeting people and who find the thought of rejection horrifying?

For many of those, the internet seemed to offer a safe harbor. They could hide behind email and websites, and allow that side of marketing to do the presentation for them. In the end though, it still depends on the quality of the sales presentation. If the company they represent does a poor job of presenting the product, then they are no better off and making a profit through selling on the internet still remains an elusive goal.

In this article, two case studies will be presented of companies that do a good job in this arena. The first is one called the 1 Step System, and the second is one called Easy Daily Cash Gold.

The 1 Step System is a slick operation which functions very well for those who don't like doing the selling. The budding internet entrepreneur signs up for a total charge of $597 and receives access to the Ultimate Marketing Toolbox. This system, which is a comprehensive collection of audios and PDF teaching materials, gives an excellent introduction and advice on internet marketing, the principles of which can be used to recruit others to the 1 Step System. The payment structure is that for every sale, the marketer receives $500 of the $597 price, with $97 going to the program's owners.

Possibly the best parts of the 1 Step System are the promotional materials. Interested parties are directed to a web page, which automatically streams a video and audio message to them, extolling the virtues of the 1 Step System. (For an example, go here: Additionally, those who visit the website are invited to a 37 minute Tele-seminar during which the program's creators give an excellent overview and outline of the earning potential within the program. The 1 Step, from which the 1 Step System derives its name, is getting people to that web page where they can watch the promotional movie and become excited about the product. How exactly you get people to that website is covered later in this article - but be assured that it doesn't involved talking to people, cold calling or anything else a shy person would hesitate to do!

The second program which also fits the bill is called Easy Daily Cash Gold, and like the 1 Step System, it primarily relies upon you driving traffic to the website ( where the company does its best to do the selling for you. An enhanced version of the basic website created by the company's top seller, David Dubbs, with even more compelling movies and audios can be purchased for a monthly fee (an example can be seen here: and the rationale for the monthly fee is that many more interested parties will become convinced of the merits of the program and sign up. Entry into easy Daily Cash Gold is at a range of prices. Easy Daily Cash costs $297 and the EDC Gold costs $997. The level at which your client enters enables them to earn commission more quickly at that level. Once in the program, your client earns commissions of $297 or $997 per sale. There is even a $15 entry level for those who are strapped for cash. Once membership into the program has been purchased, one has access to a plethora of marketing and training materials, including marketing software worth over $8000. Again, like the 1 Step System, this program teaches the buyer how to sell the program itself, as well as other internet products.

Lastly, some resources that prove helpful in the Shy Person's Marketing Toolbox. One that many find helpful is a site called Market It, which is like the Swiss Army Knife of marketing. This is the site of sites. It staggers belief how much one can do from this single site. One can: submit ads to hundreds of FFA (Free For All) advertizing sites with about 8 clicks; one can write 2 articles a week and submit it to hundreds of places; one can send out mass press-releases to media outlets; one can submit one's site to hundreds of search engines with just a few clicks; plus thousands of dollars of training and tools available for coaching right there. For the low monthly fee of $19.95 this site proves its worth. The site can be accessed here:

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