The Google Bar and its Jadoo

by Asif Khalil - Date: 2006-12-13 - Word Count: 448 Share This!

Here is a simple but very effective to get your Optimized web pages (or any web page you choose) listed in Google within just a few hours or less free.

Using Search Engine Submission programs is about as obsolete as the keystroke typewriter.

Submission is not necessary and does not guarantee inclusion into Google.

These days most web pages are found and indexed automatically, when one of Googles greedy little spiders crawl the web looking for fresh new content to devour.

Once the Google spider crawls your web site, instantly it is listed into Google according to the Rank it gives you and the way in which your pages have been Keyword Optimized.

How It Works

The way you can call one of the Google spiders to come dinner with you is to do a search using the Google Toolbar.

This will require that you first download and install the Google toolbar.

To download the Google Toolbar go to .

To learn all more about the various functions of the Google Toolbar go to:

The Google toolbar works with Internet Explorer and this is why this Indexing Strategy is not Mac compatible. However Mac users may use the Strategy below and achieve astounding success as well.

How It Works

fter you've downloaded and installed the Google Toolbar, notice the "Green PageRank Strip" as shown below just above the Google Logo:

Now rest your mouse cursor on top of the PageRank strip and a text box will appear showing the PageRank number of this Google site. It shows a PR of 10/10.

Very few sites if any have a PageRank of 10. What you eventually want is a 4/10 or above.

To get your Optimized pages Indexed or Listed into Google, enter the Index page URL of your Optimized Web Pages into the Google Search box:

Next click the Search Web button next to it and Google will begin searching for your URL.

This action will instantly call the Google Spiders to come search your Optimized web pages and immediately your site will get Listed into Google... that's it!


You will know when the #1 page (the Index page) to your Optimized web pages has been Indexed when you look at the Google Toolbar Page Rank indicator. There you will find the bar color is "White". This indicates Google has you Indexed.

This Does Not mean you can instantly do a search in Google for your site and see it listed... it means your web site has been indexed and is Waiting in the Queue to appear.

NOTE #1: Unknown to anyone, sometimes your page may not Index for several hours, several days or weeks. Some Index within an 1 or 2 hours however be patient .

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