Big Performance, Big Stage

by Mike Barus - Date: 2007-04-05 - Word Count: 565 Share This!

So you have prepared yourself and you think you're geared up. Act is fine-tuned, your costume or getup for the experience is prepared, and you couldn't probably try to feel any more confident. It hits. When it hits it doesn't matter if it's a week, day, or hour before the Act; the dreaded stage fear appears out of no where. Yes alot, of the great stars admit to experiencing different types of stage anxiety which continues with the performers career. If the big stars can move on, so can you. The official news is there so many different ways to fight its influences and even use it to develop your Execution.

This is something that you probably know, but let's take a look at the indicators of stage terror. So many people are fimiliar with dry mouth, quick beating heart, and possibly a combination of cold, sweaty, and shaky hands. Sounds incredibly pleasant doesn't it? Further real indicators include nausea and trembling lips. There are many performers that enforce reported warning signs of sweatiness and dizziness as well. With such over powering indications it doesn't seem possible that stage fear can be tamed, but fortunately, it can.

One of the perfect ways to head off stage terror before it begins is to be prepared. Be to be ready by knowing your lines, the music to the song, or whatever stuff you need to know for your Performance. Practice hard and make sure you are focused during your rehearsal times. Make sure you remember your material, the more secure you will feel playing it. It is also a good idea to set aside time for just relaxing. Reading, listening to music, or participating in your favorite sport or exercise is a concrete way to unwind.

Right before the Execution there is a boat load of techniques you can utilize to keep stage fear at bay. Get to the scene first. Of course, this way you can become aware with your backdrop and ascertain your gear and wardrobe. Eradicating the potential for an unpleasant ambush will go a long way in steadying your worries. Before the Appearance take a short walk and be sure to stay hydrated. If you can try not to drink so much drinks that mid-performance you are playacting the pee dance; just enough to head off the effects of dry mouth.

Many artists are fimiliar with the most awful stage fright right before the curtain goes up. Most of the time it depends on what kind of Execution you are giving depends on the rightapproach. If everything is in place it can be relaxing to the nerves when you look into the audience and you find the friendliest face in the public and concentrate on the notion as you deliver your lines or sing your song. Try to make eye contacthelps to take away the feeling of being completely alone up there. Human relations always helps with stage fright. Please remember, the hardest part is starting, after that it is so easy.

Believe it or not stage terror can in fact be conducive to the performer and Performance. It helps to guarantee that the epilogue is well rehearsed and the performer is ready. Use stage anxiety to your advantage. You should always remember to breath, put on your perfect smile, and get out there and break a leg. If you believe it, the theater will too.

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