Crystal Therapy

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Crystal Therapy does not replace the pure medical methods of
treatment but just potentates and balances the power connections that have been
short cut by the disease. Thus:

Amethyst acts against the sleeplessness, of the anxiety and the
fear and is recommended in diets, potentate the debilitation in

Aventurine activates and clears heart Charka, enhances creativity, balances and aligns intellectual, emotional, physical and auric. Lungs, heart, adrenal glands, muscular & urogenital systems.

Amber is for headaches, heart problems, arthritis and a variety of other ailments. In ancient times, amber was carried by travellers for protection. To early Christians, amber signified the presence of the Lord. Amber absorbs & transmutes negative energy into positive. Brings good luck to warriors! Cleanses the environment, purifies body, mind and spirit: Works with the Throat, kidneys and bladder. technically not a gemstone or mineral, but a fossilized sap from prehistoric trees that has aged over the course of millions of years, it is a very sensual stone.

Apatite Stimulates intellect, enhances results of other crystals, healing, storing information, communication, enhances creativity, awakens finer, inner self Appetite suppressant, all healing. Apatite is a Transparent blue stone. It is Reputed to help with stuttering. Apatite works on the throat chakra and helps form muscles. Allthough apatite is blue it works best on the Solar plexus chakra.
Apatite is most often seen in blue, but also can be found in brown, pink, yellow, green (from Spain called asparagus stone) and a rare variety of violet.
Apatite is an inspirational stone. It develops psychic abilities and spiritual attunement. Use it to aid communication and self-expression.

· Encourages extroversion
· Dissolves alienation
· Draw negativity from oneself
· Stimulates creativity and intellect
· Clears confusion
Apatite heals bones, aids absorption of calcium, helps cartilage, bones, teeth and motor skills. Relieves arthritis, joint problems. Overcomes hypertension.

The bloodstone is used for circulation of all energy in the body and helps to remove energy blocks. Bloodstone is used in the alignment of all the centers of the body. A healer must do this alignment while the patient lies on his stomach. It also aids in the circulation of blood. It is good to have several pieces of Bloodstone in the home to increase the flow of life energy. An intense healing stone, balances whole body to overcome distress & anxiety, associated with realignment of energies. Spleen, blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines, liver. Stone of Courage.

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies. This transparent crystal can be found in a variety of colors including clear, green, pink, orange and blue. Clear (Iceland Spar) variety displays an optical illusion called double refraction - when you look through the crystal, it splits the light rays in two, producing a double image. For this reason, it is often used in magic rituals to double the power of a magic spell.

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