Ugg Boots-a New Fashion Trend

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UGG boots, made from Australian merino sheepskin, were originally designed for Australian sheepherders. Due to their incredible warmth, these shoes have become favorite choices of airmen in World War I. In 1970s, they gained huge popularity among surfers and swimmers in both Australia and America. This kind of footwear was revived in 2003 and has become a new fashion trend all over the world.

When people talk about authentic UGG boots, they usually refer to shoes manufactured by Deckers Outdoor Corporation who first claimed this trademark-UGG Australia boots. Boots that are made by Australian companies are called Sheepskin Boots. Of course, when fashion-conscious people buy these boots, they care about their styles and quality instead of their names.

UGG boots nowadays come in a wide range of designs. The traditional distinctive tall boot with the upper part that can be folded either up or down still stays in fashion. Of course, you do not have to stick to colors like black as this style is available in various stunning colors such as pink, chestnut, red and gold. Besides this classic design, you also can find many other styles. Whether you are shopping for tall boots or short boots, you can find your favorite pair in UGG house. Aside from boots for adults, styles for kids and infants are also available. There are a nice collection of classic boots made for kids. Designs for babies both look and feel great. UGG boots nowadays look more trendy and chic, but most of them still retain some of the original flavour for they come with sheepskin.

These boots can be worn all year round as sheepskin has a tremendous effect in wicking not only coldness but also moisture away. The fleecy fibers also allow air to circulate inside the boot, keeping your feet dry and comfortable at any time. However, these shoes are not designed to be waterproof, so try not wear them during rainy weather. If your pair gets dirty, wash them with hand in cold water and allow them to dry naturally.

When it comes to purchasing these boots, internet retailers offer them at lower prices than those from local sellers. But be aware that some online suppliers provide fake UGG boots at not cheap prices. Therefore, make sure to do some research and choose a trustworthy retailer to make your purchase from. You are sure to find a pair that can not only pamper your feet but also help you make a style statement!

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