Using Window Coverings Wisely

by Vince K. Paxton - Date: 2007-03-17 - Word Count: 501 Share This!

Are you ready to do some home repair and make a change in your home? A great place to start and see huge improvements quickly is to start with the window coverings. It's best to know what you want to do with your windows such as changing drapes, or curtains, or go even further and add a valance. Don't worry about making any embarrassing mistakes because we're going to help right now.

If you want to add life to any room then using color effectively is essential. Depending on the mood that your looking for you can use bright colors to create a more energized room that will likely leave you in a better mood, or else you can use darker earth toned colors to create a warm comfortable feeling.

Amazingly, the type of fabric that you use to create a texture in the room is very important as well. The way the fabric is woven will give you the difference in the texture, and therefore create the different mood. If you feel inclined, you can play around and mix the fabrics up a bit will stir interest and set a whole new tone for your windows. Some of the fabrics that you have available are silk, linen, velvet, lace, satin, muslin, canvas, and much more. I wouldn't advise mixing more than two to three fabrics however or else you'll end up with a look that is too busy and confusing.

Patterns can also be mixed. The pattern can be used to liven up the windows as well as the entire room. You'll want to be sure to scale the patterns so that larger patterns are used on larger surfaces such as drapes or curtains, and vice versa, the smaller patters used on surfaces such as valances.

Different types of geometric patterns can be mixed together as well. Stripes along with smaller checkmarks can be used together, or even dots and plaid patters. When mixing the patterns however use a common color to signify that the patterns were meant to mixed together and not just thrown together for no reason.

If you have mismatched shaped windows then you can use curtains and drapes, along with valances to make the larger windows smaller as well as smaller windows appear larger. Smaller windows can be easily made to look larger by using a valance at the head of the window, as well as using the curtain rod to spread the window out to make it look much wider. If you're looking to make a larger window appear smaller then you can use blinds or drapes laid out in a series to break the expanse up.

Stack on the benefits of your window treatments as your interior decorating evolves. Functionality comes first and foremost, therefore using blinds and shades to provide protection from the sun, the elements of outside weather and such, as well as to provide privacy. Then you can add the curtains and drapes for the decorative features, giving your home the ambiance that you wish to achieve.

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