How to Use an Online Dating Search to Catch a Cheating Spouse

by Ed Opperman - Date: 2008-12-25 - Word Count: 539 Share This!

Do you think your spouse is cheating on you? It is estimated as high as 50% of all are involved in infidelity at one time or another in their marriage. If that number seems high it isn't now thanks to the internet.

Let's look at this a little closer and see why you may need to use the internet to investigate your own spouse. Here are a few facts to keep in mind in regards to infidelity.

1. Infidelity is hard to spot because you may not be expecting it. In hindsight many of the signs are there from the very beginning.

2. Women cheat more often now that they are in the work place more than they used to be. This creates more opportunities.

3. Men still do cheat more on their wives than vice versa.

4. Internet dating services are helping increase the numbers of cheaters. Meeting people on the internet is easier todo.

5. Chatting and instant messaging allows for instant communication and the chances for a relationship to develop quicker than in the past.

6. Infidelity can be both physical and emotional. Physical infidelity is starting on the internet with emotional infidelity.

So what do you do if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? Certainly you can confront them, but many times this only leads to a string of lies that can make matters worse and leave you even more suspicious than before.

You can hire a professional to investigate for you. The internet can actually work in your favor as well. Hiring a private investigator involves a bit more sophistication now than in the past.

You are not tailing your spouse to see where they are going. You are starting by providing your spouse's email address. It will be fed into a database of thousands of dating web sites to see what comes up.

If the email address they are using, is registered to online dating service, you are given the website address. This is factual information to confront them with. Plus it is fast to find out. You can know in a day or even a few hours time.

The fees for a dating service search can range from $70 to $100 and is a great way to find internet infidelities.

Before you hire a private investigator be sure to do your homework. Do a Google search on the private investigators name to see if they are recognized as an expert of authority in skip tracing and people search investigations. Also do a search on the web site name and company name to see if their are any Internet postings from former clients who are either satisfied or not.

Last check out the pricing and turn around times for the results. Are they competitive? Beware of companies that are too cheap and offer "instant" searches. This information will almost always be inaccurate and out dated. Be leery if you see a site offering "unlimited" searches for one low price. If it looks too good to be true it usually is.

In conclusion infidelity is a thing that happens and may happen to you. The only way to know for sure is to look into it. Now you can use the internet to do online dating searches and find out if your spouse is cheating on you.

Ed Opperman , president of Opperman Investigations Inc is an expert in Internet Infidelity Investigations and Computer and Cell Phone Forensics. If you need help with an infidelity investigation visit www.emailrevealer.comn
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