Acne Skin Care Products for Treatment

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The psychological harm acne or Zits causes it's many sufferers should not be underestimated; but things are gradually improving for sufferers. Research into skin care treatment has been advancing for some time now; these days, even with serious cases, there are many skin care treatments available. The acne skin care products available fall into these: Preventative: Creams, lotions etc. to help cleanse and tone the skin Those available at a drugstore or over-the-counter Prescription: Dermatologist or Doctor, specialist cream or ointment

General or preventative products form part of a large skin care market, they deal with skin creams, lotions and cleansers that can help to stop acne. We should all use products like this to maintain our skin and prevent future problems from occurring.

Other acne skin care products like skin cleansers are more specific about their job, they ensure the facial pores (and other areas) remain free of oil. When the pores become clogged with this oil, bacteria which can cause the problem begin to grow. These skin care products are designed to prevent this from happening.

One particular skin care treatment is an exfoliation skin peel which cleans the skin and helps control the spread of the condition. Dead skin cells and other atmospheric pollutants are removed cleaning the pores which reduce the chance of any bacterial growth.

Many different, specially formulated acne skin care products designed to reduce the problems have now been made available without prescription. Skin care products have been formulated to extract the excess oil that bacteria need to promote the development of acne. These products have benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid as ingredients which the bacterium reacts badly too.

It is preferable when you first start using this type of product to keep the concentration of it low, around 5.5 percent is best. You can always try a cleaner or cream containing alpha hydroxy acid if this doesn't work. It might just be a case of trial and error, if nothing seems to work speak to your dermatologist for any advice or try a different acne skin care product.

Products that your dermatologist or doctor will recommend will only be available on prescription, they may include a course of antibiotics or topical ointments. Your dermatologist may suggest a minor surgical procedure to remove the contents of pustules. Never try to squeeze your zits as it can lead to permanent damage of your skin.

An alternative that has been shown to work well is hormone therapy. Studies have shown that hormones can cause acne and skin care treatments that are hormone based have proved to be effective in many cases. Tackling this skin condition is not the problem it once was and if treated properly permanently marked skin does not have to happen.

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